Andrew Arcade in Real Life
Biographical information
Full name: Andrew Garcia
Birthdate: November 15, 1990
Age: 28
Residence: Washington (Currently) California (formerly)
Occupation: YouTuber and Twitch Streamer
Other information
Alias: AndrewArcade



Andrew Garcia, also known as AndrewArcade, is a YouTube and Twitch gaming commentator. He plays many games such as Stardew Valley and Fortnite: Save the World. However, he mainly plays The Sims franchise. Andrew used to upload under the alias of HeadbuttArcade.


Source: AndrewArcade Website

Andrew makes Let's Plays on YouTube and livestreams on Twitch under the username AndrewArcade. He used to be known as HeadbuttArcade when he first started in 2009-2010, but has since deleted that account.

In 2012, he decided to start making videos and stream again under the username AndrewArcade. 

Personal LifeEdit

Source: AndrewArcade Website

Andrew is Mexican and has family that comes from Mexico.

He is currently 28-years-old. His birthday is November 15, 1990 and has the zodiac sign of Scorpio. He is very fond of the color red and he enjoys eating meat-lovers pizza, which became a very iconic object whenever there is a fan-art.

His mother told Andrew that pizza was one of the first words he learned to say as a toddler. He is originally from Orange County in California. When he moved to Utah, Andrew had a roommate who went by the alias Charlie Brown. However, Andrew has since moved to Seattle, Washington and is living with his best friend who goes by the alias Aquamatey.

Although Youtube has been going through some drastic changes, Andrew still uploads on his account. He can mainly be found on Twitch though.


  • Andrew revealed himself as a major fanatic of Nintendo franchises and games. However, this hasn't stopped his fondness of The Sims franchise.
    • He is also a fanatic of the video game Persona 4. He has played it in a Let's Play once before, but did not complete it due to the deletion of his YouTube channel.
  • He revealed the following things on his Official Website
    • Andrew is very fond of listening to the recording artist Lana Del Rey and watches the television series Orange is the New Black on Netflix.
    • His favorite expansion packs of The Sims franchise was Makin' Magic and Supernatural.
    • He enjoyed doing the playthroughs for AmbitionsLate Night and Supernatural. 
    • His least favorite The Sims expansion pack is World Adventures.
  • According to his introduction in The Sims 3, Andrew's favorite sandwich is Turkey and Ham alongside with Swiss Cheese.
  • When Andrew moved out of his parents house, he became an insomniac and moved back to his parents house.