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Let's Play Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 1 (Arcadia)

Let's Play Animal Crossing New Leaf - Part 1 (Arcadia)


Animal Crossing: New Leaf 
is an Animal Crossing: New Leaf playthrough series created by AndrewArcade. The series began on June 9, 2013, and ran for 38 episodes before ending on April 24, 2014. The series follows the life of Mayor Andrew, who is growing and raising an city named Arcadia.  


Most Notable CharactersEdit

  • Isabelle - She is the secretary of Mayor Andrew and the first resident to ever interact with Andrew. She is a yellow dog with some of her hair tied with a red tie. She wears a green sweater and a blue skirt but will change her outfit to suit the weather or if a themed event or holiday has arrived. She often carries around a clipboard with a pen and assists Andrew with his mayoral duties. Isabelle is constantly perky and encouraging, often giving Andrew advice on the best ways to run Arcadia and dutifully helping him with ordinances and public works projects. It can be assumed that she eventually took over running Arcadia when Andrew ended the series.
  • Sprinkle - She is a peppy penguin who is incredibly friendly and excitable towards the other villagers around the village. Sprinkle also seems to be very fashionable and can be frequently seen either giving new clothes to Andrew or convincing another villager to change his/her outfit. In one episode, Andrew speculated that Sprinkle had a crush on a fellow villager named Kyle but it's unknown if any relationship between the two was formed. When Andrew's birthday arrived, it was revealed that Sprinkle was in fact his best friend in Arcadia and had thrown a surprise party to celebrate his big day. Sprinkle is the only villager who remained in Arcadia ever since the first episode of the series, which makes her time spent living in Arcadia longer than any other villager's. 
  • Bunnie - TBA
  • Julian - TBA
  • Tammy - Tammy is a yellow bear cub who moved into Arcadia fairly late into the series. She had a very sassy personality which made Andrew like her quite a bit. He also noticed that her catchphrase was "Ya heard" and it's unclear if he viewed that as a good or bad thing.
  • Rudy - TBA
  • Marcie - TBA
  • Stitches - Stitches is one of Andrew's favorite villagers and had moved into his town from one of Andrew's friend's towns after being requested to do so by Andrew. Andrew finds Stitches to be very adorable and changed his catchphrase to pizza as its one of his favorite foods, thus making it a perfect match for one of his favorite villagers. He also attended Andrew's birthday party at Sprinkle's house.
  • Canberra - Canberra is Andrew's least favorite villager in Arcadia. She immediately got off on the wrong foot with Arcadia's mayor when she moved to town as her house was placed right on top of a beautiful flower garden that Andrew had worked hard on and loved the design of as it was one of his favorite areas of Arcadia. Canberra also earned more of Andrew's wrath when she prevented Stitches from initiating a conversation with Andrew by blocking the bear cub's path. Andrew became angry and swore to get his revenge if Stitches was planning on moving out and he wasn't able to talk him out of it because Canberra was in the way. During Canberra's time in Arcadia, Andrew did everything within his power to get the offending koala to move out since he felt that she was making his life a living hell but it's unknown if he was successful as she was still a resident of Arcadia when the series ended.

Most Notable Villagers that Moved AwayEdit

  • Nan - She seems nice to most of the villagers and Andrew. She seems to be very caring for the town with being on alot of ceremonies. Nan was one of the villagers that moved away from Arcadia.
  • Drift - He is a jock frog around the town and is one of the early villagers in the series. He will appear slow-witted and absent-minded when talking about deep, meaningful things. Drift was one of the villagers that moved away from Arcadia. At one point in the series, a neighbor named Kyle asked Andrew to give Drift an item that he had accidentally left at Kyle's house. Upon doing so, Andrew then learned that this item was in fact a shirt, prompting him to question why Drift was shirtless when he was over at Kyle's house before assuming that the duo had merely been exercising with some of Kyle's workout equipment and had removed their shirts due to sweating a lot from the physical exertion.
  • Robin - She isn't very social because and she's mostly seen in her house, but when she's outside she isn't friendly towards other villagers. Upon visiting her house, Andrew was delighted to learn that she played the song K.K. Bossa but was both confused and disturbed by the fact that she had a small bird in a cage. She was rather rude to Andrew and once told him that his outfit didn't look good, prompting Andrew to whack her over the head with his bug catching net in retaliation. Despite being a loner, she does go to a lot of the town's ceremonies to celebrate newly constructed public works projects. Robin is one of the residents that moved out of Arcadia.
  • Angus - Angus is a bull and was one of the original villagers in Arcadia who lived in the town prior to Andrew becoming mayor. Andrew immediately caught the joke about a bull being named Angus and quickly became friends with him. He played the song Señor K.K. in his house. Throughout the series, Angus invited Andrew over to his house multiple times and persuaded Andrew to buy several pieces of his furniture. Later on in the series, Andrew changed Angus' catchphrase from "macmoo" to "*hic*" in order to make it look as though Angus was an alcoholic and hiccuped a lot due to having excessive amounts of drinks. Angus eventually moved out of Arcadia.
  • Benedict - Benedict was a red chicken that moved into Arcadia very early on in the series. At one point, Andrew was finding the right spot for a Public Works Project and the background showed Benedict falling into a pitfall, climbing out, and becoming very sad. However, Andrew mistook this as the chicken doing some backflips and becoming tired. Andrew also once sent a letter to Benedict that included the phrase: "Run, chicken, run! The farmer's got a gun." It's unknown if this message caused any sort of hurt feelings towards Benedict or if he was merely confused by it.
  • Harry - Harry was one of Andrew's least favorite villagers and Andrew was rather angry when he learned that Harry had in fact moved in from one of his friend's towns. He got on Andrew's nerves so much that Andrew's birthday wish was for him to move out of Arcadia. However, Andrew accidentally typed "I want Harry to out move" instead of "I want Harry to move out". Despite this mistake, Andrew eventually got his wish and Harry left Arcadia.
  • Kyle - Kyle moved into Arcadia fairly soon after Andrew became the mayor. Andrew took a liking to the wolf and assumed that Kyle was a biker due to him wearing a leather jacket and his house having an industrial sort of theme with steel flooring. Once Kyle unpacked his furniture, it was revealed that he was a rock star (or was at least aspiring to become one) as he had a microphone, electric guitar, and a video camera. Kyle was good friends with his neighbor Drift and would exercise with him frequently. It also looked as though his other neighbor Sprinkle had a crush on him since she had requested Andrew to give him a new shirt that she had bought for him as a gift and was blushing when she learned that Kyle liked it. Andrew eventually changed Kyle's greeting to Hola, señor and changed his catchphrase to jefe to make it seem as though Kyle was Mexican (with his greeting translating to "Hello, sir" and his catchphrase meaning "boss". Sadly however, Kyle eventually moved out of Arcadia.