Athena Lovelace
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Life State: Sim
Age: *Child (Get to Work, Kids Room)
Birthplace: Unknown
Status: Alive
Residence: *Oasis Springs, Dusty Turf (former)
  • Willow Creek, Hallow Slough (former)
  • San Myshuno, 930 Medina Studios
Club(s): *Critter Catchers (former)
Traits: *Atlethic
  • Mean
Realtives: *Gwen Lovelace (adoptive mother)
Romances: *Max Villareal
Friend(s): *Xanadu Moreno
First Appearance: Adoption Crisis
Appears In: Get to Work, the Kids Room, the City Living

Athena Lovelace is a secondary character in Get to Work Let's Play, but plays protagonist in both the Kids Room and the City Living Let's Plays.

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