Diane Pleasant is one of the pre-made characters in The Sims series. She is working as a house-wife and lives with her family, Jeff and Daniel Pleasant. She was always making appearances in the Grapes household and would always make a mess, as well as making everybody feel miserable. That until one day Andrew decided to kill her off in the pool, where her rude shennanigans to the Grapes has come to an end. However, she was resurrected as a zombie and returned to her family, where they could start their lives once more.


"Diane and her family are new to the neighborhood. Can you help Diane set her family on its way up the social ladder?"

Diane Pleasant was presumed to be born in SimVille. She dated Jeff Pleasant until he had proposed to her and started a family in the neighborhood, where the parented their only child Daniel Pleasant. When the Grapes moved in, Diane was invited to become one of the family friends, which worked and resulting it to the beginning of her rude shennanigans to the Grapes.

She would always make appearances and make everybody feel worse in the household than they did before. As time passes by, Diane continued to stalk the household and Andrew had to put an end to her life and her shennanigans as well. So during one usual unwanted visit from her, she decided to swim in the pool and Andrew removed the ladders so she couldn't get out, resulting to her death.

Diane died before Bella Goth and Tragic Clown did, and was the first character to be shown killed in the series. Her tombstone was then placed near Bella's and was left sitting in the side of their house for some time. This continued until Andrew decided to resurrect Bella and Diane, feeling bad for killing them. Bella was actually supposed to be the only one resurrected but he decided to do so with Diane as well. After she was resurrected, she started her new life with her family and made appearances once again, where she didn't bother the households anymore.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Diane Pleasant is shown to have the pre-made outfit where she had a grey shirt, jeans and matching shoes that goes with her shirt; where her hairstyle was pre-made as well where it was shown to be a small afro. When the Livin' Large expansion pack was installed, Diane was shown to wear a black shirt, grey skirt and matching shoes to go with her shirt. Her mexican tan complexion was changed to green after she was resurrected.


Diane Pleasant is shown to be a sloppy, where both Scruffy and her had in common and one shy Sim, but was seen interating around her neighbors alot. She was always messing with the Grapes household and would always make them feel worse, than they did before. The reason behind this is because she was revealed to have become grouchy, like Bethany. 


  • Diane was the first pre-made Sim in the series to be killed by any cause, where she died when Andrew had removed the ladders from the pool.
  • She was actually not supposed to be resurrected but Andrew felt bad for killing her so he did it anyways. The reason behind killing her is because he was already stressing with the Grapes that he couldn't handle more stress with other Sims.
  • During her disappearance, her son Daniel had phoned up the police for filing a missing Sim.

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