Eliza Pancakes
Biographical information
Nickname(s): * Trashcakes
Gender: Female
Gender Pronoun: She/Her
Life State: Sim
Age: Adult
Status: Alive
Residence: Willow Creek, Pique Hearth
Occupation: Unemployed
Club(s): A Cut Above (former)
Traits: * Materialistic
  • Perfectionist
  • Neat
  • Bussiness Savvy
Realtives: *Bob Pancakes (husband)
  • Kayla Pancakes (daughter)
Marital status: Married
Romances: Bob Pancakes (spouse)
Enemy(s): Tiffany Montgomery
Appears In: *The Sims 4

Eliza Pancakes is a Sim who's part the cast in the Sims 4, Get to Work Let's Plays and an antagonist in Get Together Let's Play.

Character Edit

Story Edit

<tabber> |-|The Sims 4: Get Together =

Eliza is one of the first A Cut Above members and was chosen by Tiffany, who knew of her infamous reputation within the members of Willow Creek, known for her annoying ways and her weirdness. However, Tiffany decided to give her a chance and allow her through her highly picky selections, mostly due to her wealth. For a while, Eliza proved all the rumours wrong, being kind and pretty much the most, if not only, supportive member at the time, which also made her the pioneer bearer of the Diamond Earrings, after Tiffany decided that she was worthy of the status of her best friend, so much that Tiffany even offered her makeovers and some of her own clothing items, to keep Eliza hip.

However, things soon got complicated, when Eliza took over the A Cut Above and expelled Tiffany out of the club without the latter even being aware. It was up to Tiffany to get back on terms with the members, Nina and Dina Caliente, and gain their support to convince Eliza to step down and promote Tiffany again. When she does so, she is expelt from the club and striped from all her clothing, cutting all relationships with the A Cut Above members.

She attends a party the day after being expelt, in a dress that belonged to he grandmother, at the club and is harassed by the gang who mocks her due to her fashions and the big trashcan she had on her head, due to some kind of prank, and appears several times around the worlds, usually in her underwear or her beat dress and cardigan, and is mocked even more than before. Several of Tiffany's books are references to her and her betrayal.

A lot of time later, she hears of Rafa's bachelor party and is one of the people that fill up the club. She's noticed by Tiffany, who considers if she should ever forgive her. She comes back a little later, when, in her birthday, Tiffany decides to fully forgive her and take her to her party, finding common ground again. She joins the A Cut Above again, this time to remain a club-member, the days of overthrowing are over.

|-|The Sims 4: City Living = Ten years later, Eliza has had a child names Kayla with Bob, in the meantime. She still lives in Willow Creek.

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