2 Sim Lane is the place of residence for the Grapes Family. It has seen many changes in size and appearance. People who live or has lived in the house include BillBethanyScruffyDannyPaula and Bella Goth.

Version OneEdit

The first house was small, cheaply decorated and housed the original family of Bill, Bethany and Scruffy. There was a living room with a sofa, a bookcase, a television and doors to all of the other rooms. The kitchen originally was it's own room and featured a cheap table, a stove, some counters, a food processor and a refrigerator. Bill and Bethany's bedroom was placed next to the kitchen and originally featured a cheap twin bed, two "ugly" dressers with cheap lamps, and a larger dresser. Andrew later replaced the bed and dressers with nicer ones. When getting Charisma skill points, Andrew moved the medicine cabinet from the bathroom to Bill and Bethany's room. The bathroom was furnished with the cheapest toilet, a shower and a sink. Scruffy's room was decorated like a child's room and had a toy castle, a Tragic Clown painting, an aquarium and an easel which later got stolen.

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