Gwen Lovelace
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Birthplace: Unknown
Status: Alive
  • Oasis Springs, Dusty Turf (former)
  • Willow Creek, Hallow Slough
  • Occupation: Chief (Detective)
    Hair color: Ginger
    Eye color: Grey
  • Childish
  • Goofball
  • Self-Assured
  • Dastardly
  • Frugal
  • Relationships
    Marital status: Married
  • Bella Goth
  • Haleigh Lovelace (wife)
  • In-Universe
    Appears In: The Sims 4: Get to Work

    Gwen Lovelace is a Sim who's part the main household played in the Get to Work Let's Play.

    Character Edit

    Personality Edit

    Gwen is a total scheemer. An expert prankster with whit and brains, she values mischief and anarchy over organization and she's really playful. She's rather childish and a goofball, and doesn't get too serious too often, in fact almost everything to her is a joke. She doesn't have much qualms in hurting others, unless they're friends because she's loyal to the core, and her way to express this fondness is through little jokes and pranks.

    She can get easily angry though, and is maybe a little hot-headed, but that is usually cancelled by her artiste side, that makes her inspired and confident to display her arts in new ways. That's why she's a painter. Additionally, she'a also a party animal, really fond of partying it out and a little bit of a flirt, brave and persuasive. She quite strong too: without having to do a lot physically she can easily and will most likely win a fight with anyone who comes her way and messes with her ambitions, in which case they defiently must watch out because, when Gwen is determined, there' very little that can stop her, not even the law.

    Appearance Edit

    Gwen is a bit more heavyset, curvy but rocking it, and has natural ginger hair, that is usually styled in short hairdos. Her eyes are grey and her skin is light, and most of the time she can be seen wearing warm tones, mostly red and pastel orange, as well as blue, incorporated from her police uniforms.

    Story Edit

    Gwen Lovelace moves into a quaint house with two strangers, Kimiko Kurosawa and Diego Moreno, with the sole goal to get a job as a detective. But not any detective, she wants to be the bad cop and use her authority to cause as much anarchy and mischief as she wants. She does get accepted into the Police Departement and celebrates witha shopping trip around town, where she is reminded of how little money she has, until she notices the Goth family on a store and is immedietly attracted to Bella Goth, both for her looks, fame and money. However, she faces a challenge when her husband Mortimer Goth acts as a commitment factor from Bella's part, as she would do very little to backstab him. Fortunely, Gwen has the drive and doesn't give easily, promising to seduce Bella into her arms and be happily married. Eventually she does start on her career, learning step by step what it has to offer and learning how to ascend to a detective. She starts solving lots of cases, succesfully, all while starting various conflicts around town, with not just one but several people, like many of the criminals she has to capture and two people that stand out: Misael Buckley, who is just randomly chosen by Gwen as the person she wants to drive crazy, tormenting him several times, and Kai Neves, a delinquent who turns out to be a co-worker of hers, who vandalizes the town in one of her patrols and starts a fight with her once she tries to hand him a citation. The two immedietly despise each other. She does all this while also finding Bella in the most absurd places, mostly in crime scenes, for no good reason. However, it's in one of these encounters where Bella admits the ugly truth, that her's and Mortimer's marriage is in shambles and that Mortimer might have been violent towards her in several occasions, leading Gwen to feel pity for her and promise to save her.

    Kai's and Gwen's relationship is nothing short of mellow as the two find themselves into fights with every encounter and hate each other mutually, which is causing a reputation within the P.D., and meanwhile Bella keeps getting more and more suspicious with every meeting they have, while gathering more and more promotions, that will take her a long way and make her a detective, which will then fullfill a new goal: steal Kai's job. Eventually, she also discovers painting and starts to give herself into the art, making her canvas that she sells to an art collector, gathering quite the amout of money to herself.

    When there is an influx of bussinesses and an increase in the demand for retail places, Gwen sees an opportunity to start her very own bussiness, in a partnership with mostly Kimiko, buying a plot of land where a shop will be raised, a shop where Gwen's paintings will serve as products. Eventually, during one of Gwen's attempts to seduce Bella by invinting her over, she notices that Kai is in her own house, without neither knowing of each other's presence, and discovers that Kimiko has been seeing Kai and has discovered a side of him that Gwen hasn't, a romantic one. However, Gwen notices that he's being especially hostile that night and expells him straight out of her house. The next day, Gwen is called out by the Chief at P.D., Cooper Carter, that her reputation as a violent policewoman needs to change, as he threatens to have her fired, obviously a plot of revenge by Kai, who probably has let the cat out of the basket about Gwen's behaviour. Gwen promises on spot to get Cooper out of his priviledges office by getting so much success that he'll replace him from his charge. She also meets Graham Cavazos, a fellow detective that she believes is much better for Kimiko than Kai, but does never get to introduce the two because by the time they meet again, Kimiko is already in a relationship with Alfonso O'Neil. When she finally is promoted to a detective, she has caught up to Kai and is ready to catch up to Cooper, keeping up the great cop work.

    However, Gwen has a new goal, to have her shop be successful, and for about a week, all she does is spend time painting and getting everything ready for the grand opening. On the day of this event, she hosts a meeting of all her aquaintances, including Misael and Kai, to help out on the shop's pre-opening preparations and is excited to be the one to finally open it, showing the world her fantstic talent. However, she herself is the one to find something in the shop, when the first costumer to ever buy anything, Haleigh Wagner, is clearly interested in Gwen and struggles to keep it a secret, since Gwen's detective skills have allowed her to see right through people. Despite Haleigh's temporary hostileness, Gwen lets herself go and starts to actually feel in love with Haleigh, as she looses interest in Bella. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't feel like destroying her marriage just for fun. She joins Kimiko on her first date with Alfonso, taking both Bella and Haleigh with her, in hopes to capture the hearts of the two for totally different reasons, ending up mingling with one of the two most desired bachelorettes in town, Nina Caliente. However, she finally captures Bella's heart on the day after said date, when the two finally kiss. However, Gwen stills needs to be sure that Bella's willing to leave Mortimer for her, only to then ditch her two, or maybe even force her to be her loyal servant. In fact, she is able to finally Woo-Hoo with Bella that night and the two start to get awfully steady.

    Everything is going according to the plan in Gwen's life. Bella has bitten the hook, the store is selling very well and is bringing a lot of profit into the house, however, she is shocked to find that her first case as a senior detective involves the murder of Vivan Lewis, as she investigates the crime scene and collects the clues. However, what's even more shocking is that all the clues add up to match perfectly to Haleigh, who seems to be the murderer. Gwen arrests her and gets her to admit that she's guilty, but is somewhat more attracted to her because of this, as she is indeed a fan of anarchy and it seems that the reasons for the murder were to attract Gwen's attention. This is indeed an akward situation for Gwen since Haleigh is now in prison and will not be leaving much sooner. Now she has something else to worry, weather Bella will leave Mortimer or not, which lately doesn't seem too probable, since Bella is starting to feeling sad and regreatable and is avoiding Gwen ever so slightly. However, at a nightclub, Gwen is finally able to talk Bella into divorce, and the two start dating, and she actually proposes to Bella, suspiciously fast.

    Spooky Wedding

    Gwen's and Bella Goth's marriage in The Black Widow

    Eventually, Haleigh is somehow free from prison, possibly escaped on her own or through Kai, who she did have a fling with, but she's back in action and Gwen is totally fine with it, in fact, she's started to have plans on actually murdering Bella to inherit her money. So she looses no time since soon it comes the time for the two "lovebirds" to get married, on Halloween, and they have a special event: a costume party wedding, where instead of fancy gowns, everyone wears costumes instead. They host it at a local haunted wedding venue, the Black Widow, which is ironically accurate to Gwen's plans, and finally get married, as family and friends gather around. However, everything changes when Gwen mysteriously chokes to death on the dancefloor while tricking Mortimer, and everyone is scared and sad, especially Bella who seems incredibly distraught. Not even the Grim Reaper shows up and she just instantly falls into ashes.

    Crimson Transformation

    Gwen's determination transforming her into a Crimson Butterfly.

    However, Gwen reincarnates in the afterlife where her ambitions turn her into a Crimson Butterfly, and she pays a visit to The Grim Reaper's mansion, where the phantom has passed out after an Halloween house party. Gwen threatens to finish him if he doesn't give her her life back, and he agrees to do so since he didn't even show up to her death, so she returns back to the real world, where she is shocked to find out that Bella and Mortimer were actually in cahoots all this time and the two planned her death, by poisoning her cake slice. The two admit that their fortune was gained by marrying wealthy people and killing them, inheriting their money, and Gwen looses it, as she makes the decision to kill the two on the spot, with the help of one of Diego's inventions, DA BOOTY 2000, a freeze ray, freezing them to death. However, not everything is bad for Gwen when, excited by her return, Haleigh finally confesses her love to Gwen and proposes to her, which Gwen accepts, and the two elope immedietly, happy together.

    Gwen is finally living happily, with Haleigh, and the only thing she now has to do is to finally achieve the status of chief back at P.D. Luckily, this murderous incident has passed without anyone figuring out Gwen's guilty in all this, so Gwen is safe to go and continue her job. She is suprised, in fact, when she finds her self in charge of dealing with the Goth's murder case, obviously manipulating it to her will. The two eventually adopt a little girl, Athena Lovelace, who joins the household. The only problem Gwen has in her life is the Grim Reaper trials of retaliation, trying to set balance straight again by trying to kill her various times, but nothing brings Gwen down as she continues to prosper. In fact, she is finally able to ascend in her career so much that she finally become the chief in command at the station. Sadly, she isn't able to rub it in neither Kai's or Cooper's face since a big amout of people they new, including the two mentioned and a lot more, mysteriously left the surrounding neighbourhoods, and apparently emmigrated to somewhere else. But Gwen is living an happy life and with her friends and family she couldn't ask for more, getting on terms with the neighbours, the Papayas, and watching all of her friends fullfill their careers and dreams.

    Gwen attends the Christmas party at Tiffany's.

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    Every episode in The Sims 4: Get to Work.

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