Ivory Haulaway
Biographical information
Gender: Female
Gender Pronoun: She/Her
Life State: Vampire
Age: Teen (18 years old)
Status: Alive
Occupation: Unemployed
Traits: *Insane
  • Mean
  • Quick Learner
Marital status: Single
Enemy(s): *Goodie Gift Bag

Ivory Haulaway is a Sim who's part the cast in the Vampires Let's Play.

Character Edit

Background Edit

Ivory's past is very mysterious and macabre. It is unknown when she became a vampire, if she was turned or born with it, but she was disowned by her family when she was still a kid. She was sent to an orphanage, where she was up for adoption, however she never truly had a family, as she murdered every family who took her in. She a life of being adopted, gore, and being sent back to foster care, all the way until she turned 18 and set off on her own.

She cross paths with Forgotten Hallow's Boarding School, and is one of the students.

Personality Edit

Ivory's past have made her a dangerous and vicious person. She's mean and hostile and clearly has no qualms on killing even those who show her love. She's easy to start a conflict with, as she's hot-headed, and she demonstrates in all she does that she isn't completely sane and has some issue to deal with. Despite this, it seems that she was once a fragile girl who just wanted to be love, and deep down this is still her role in life, but she's blind to what's cruel and what's not.

Story Edit

Ivory is one of the students of the Forgotten Hallow Boarding School and is Gigi Bag's rival. The two despise each other.

In Blood Lust, when Gigi sneaks into the school looking for healthy blood, she ends up staying around a bit and does notice Ivory around the school. She immediately senses that something's not quite right with her, as she releases a mysterious aura that reeks of danger.

The two formally meet in Command & Conquer, as Gigi decides to pick on her as forms of protection, since she is very scary and Gigi doesn't quite know what to make of it, so she goes ahead and shows her who's boss. Ivory however, is having non of it and the two start to quarrel with each other, eventually challenging each other to a fight. The two take everyone to the centre of Straud Square where they have an epic duel in their dark forms, one which Ivory looses. She runs away almost immediately returning to the campus, with a new enemy.

In Cheese, she's reluctant to join all of the boarding school students when they have a bonfire party at the backyard, however she is persuaded by Myra Srivinasan's compelling music spell and is put in danger due to it, as the dawn comes up. She's ditched by Gigi, along the rest of the students.

Turns out she managed to escape from Myra's grip, along with everyone else, as in Green With Envy, she joins the gang into the Plasma 501 bar and is in the middle of the social circle for once. However, to her demise, she's spotted by Gigi speaking to Luna Raven, Gigi's crush. In the middle of what seemed to be an attempt of feeding off another Sim at the club, Gigi interrupts her with a spell, out of jealousy, that makes her thirst depleate, causing her much disconfort.

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