Lara Croft
Lara Croft
Biographical information
Full name: Lara Croft
Status: Deceased
Age: Elder
Residence: Sunset Valley (formerly)

Riverview (formerly)
Bridgeport (currently)

Occupation: Police Officer (resigned)
Other information
Alias: Tomb Raider
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Marital status: Married
Significant Other/s: Sniper Red (husband)
Family: Sniper Red (husband)

Scout Red (son)

Lara Croft is the main protagonist of The Sims 3 and one of the original six household members from the first playthrough series. She is one of four in the original household females and is also a download content; since she wasn't featured in the default Choose-A-Sim. Lara is based on the main protagonist of the video game Tomb Raider of the same name. 

She is also featured in other playthrough's like The Sims 3: World Adventures and Generations


Lara has an average height and a skinny build as well. She has brown hair fixed up in a ponytail and has brown pupils. She wears a dark green t-shirt and matching denim shorts. She also wears dark green boots with black gloves. 


Lara possesses the combined personality of traits which consists of Athletic, Brave, Daredevil, Loves the Outdoors and Friendly. She isn't a very good mother for her child as she just leaves him to the other females of the household, even if she was on her day off. 


  • Lara is the first Sim to become impregnated in a playthrough.
  • She received the main adventurer for Egypt in the World Adventures playthrough, despite the protagonist that she was based on mainly adventures in the same country. Her adventures are usually filled with tomb-related quests as well as collecting rocks around the country, which usually upsets Andrew
  • She has practiced Martial Arts alongside Yalitza Beyotch and Sookie Stackhouse, where Andrew thought that the three girls could become Charlie's Angels.