How Will I Know
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: City Living, Episode 23
The Sims 4 City Living - Thumbnail 23
Air date 07 Jan 2017
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Feliz Navidad

Let's Play The Sims 4: City Living - Part 23 (How Will I Know) is the 23th Part of the City Living Let's Play.

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When Wilson finally has the time to bond with fellow raccoon fursuits around town, Xanadu discovers an heartbreaking truth about how the society is prejudiced against them too, leading to most of them being homeless, deciding to expand his cause to benefit them too. Meanwhile there's jealousy and mistrust in Max and Athena's relationship, but nothing a good ol' Romance Festival can't fix. That is, if Wilson's and Xanadu's attempts to spread their cause hadn't ruined the event with their loud protests. But in the end, everything's fixed with some karaoke, where its revealed that Wilson has quite the gift. Finally, the Caliente sisters' mother life is explored as their kids, Cina, Gina and Tina, are all grown up and experimental with their mother's makeup.

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It's saturday morning and Wilson is in a good mood for once and decides to clean up the house from all the Christmas decorations and the mess from the past days, and then go for a walk around the Spice Market, where he sees that Xanadu's political mural has yet been vandalised yet again. He's feeling good so he does inform Xanadu, who rushes to restore it.

During his walk, Wilson sees another raccoon furry sleeping on a street bench, and for the first time he isn't too busy to approach them, so he goes make their acquaintance, in order to make a new friend. It turns out that they're a woman, Myra Kumar, and two start sharing interesting and chatting, making a bond.

Meanwhile, Max seems to be in some distress, as he and Athena appear to be having some trouble in paradise, due to jealousy caused by some yet unknown reason. Down at the basketball court, Xanadu seems to be getting more of the usual backlash for being an alien, however, another raccoon furry, Youseef Assaoui, defends him, showing him that the fact that he's an alien doesn't really affect at all the way he's perceived by him. Xanadu takes a look around and sees that, strangely enough, there are an overwhelming number of furries out, this early in the day, and mostly are sleeping in benches. This causes him to realise that maybe all the fursuit wearers are homeless, just like Wilson would be if they hadn't taken him in, and decides that perhaps he should also include them in his campaign, instead of just protecting aliens. In his mind he starts scheming these ideas of a shelter centre where both aliens and furries, outcasts of the society, could be protected.

As Wilson takes the opportunity to meet all the raccoons around town while spreading his cause around town, Athena approaches him with a sad expression to vent about her troubles, but when Max appears she leaves, followed by him who's trying to get the two to get their stuff together and get along.They meet in an alleyway and awkwardly stand there, so not much is resolved. As Wilson continues to socialise with the locals and the fursuits, he starts feeling a weird daze, as if someone has cursed him or linked him with a voodoo doll. But he has no time for that, and decides to pay a visit to Raj, to continue and spread his cause. Interestingly enough, it seems that Raj, who's not welcome of Wilson's presence, is feeling dazed too, leading them to believe whatever is causing it is coming from their apartment. Wilson is feeling in a protesting mood and so decides that he'll head into the busiest area, Uptown, and protest there.

Fast-forward to the end of his protest and it seems like it has not been too good, as the nightclub he chose to protest in was empty at such early hours. This leaves him very discouraged, however his campaign can't stop there, no matter how sad he is. The bros head together into Planet Honey Pop!, and Wilson sees his dad Rafa performing on the street, and goes to vent to him about the appointment his campaign has become. Rafa tells him what he needs to know. However, nothing is as inspiring as Xanadu's singing, and when he decides to hit the blues. But, even though he always gives his all in the karaoke, he's feeling rather sick so he's singing is not as inspiring as it could be, which shows since Max is still extremely miserable. So, to get cheered up, he decides to join Xanadu in a ballad, bromance all the way.

Speaking of bromance, the Romance Festival has hit the Fashion District, and the square gets flooded with people, including the Love Guru, who Wilson decides to consult, for fun. Xanadu has also decided to join the celebrations, but for a different reason, he wants to cause the protest of the year, and what better way than to crash a big festival like this. And as the love and sakura tea flows in the air, it seems like Max and Athena have sorted whatever was troubling them and are now lovey-dovey all over each other again.

Xanadu's protest is getting bigger by the moment, and even an unsuited Youseef has showed up to show his support, much to Xanadu's gratitude, as well as other familiar faces like Alfonso, Athena and Miko. Actually, the amount of protesters has become really overwhelming, as the square is now filled with Xanadu's troops, loud and bold, ruining the peaceful Romance Festival to prove a point. Meanwhile, Wilson gets his response from the Love Guru, it seems that he's going to find his soulmate really soon.

The protest has gotten out of control, and even Xanadu is having trouble dispersing it, but the Romance Festival atmosphere is restored as everything comes back to normal. Now that love is in the air, while Xanadu serenades Venus with a beautiful song, Max learns from the Love Guru that Athena "will brighten his darkness and lighten his load, much like a burning donkey", an analogy that takes Max by suprise. Meanwhile, Xanadu has resorted to buying some swag, lighters and some paintings, and Max's love for Athena leads him to suprise everyone with some beautiful poetry.

All the bros decide to play with Xanadu's sparklers as fireworks start getting fired everywhere, and Max, influenced by the many drinks he's had, decides to leave his feud aside and join Raj on a good old Karaoke duet, as the two drunk nemesis sing the night away, as do the lovers Xanadu and Venus, inspiring Wilson to do so himself too, revealing he's actually quite the gifted singer. He ends up doing quite the marathon of requests, as the bar fills up.

After the bros head back to their apartment, we take a look at the Caliente's motherly lives, as they have their kids all, Cina, Tina and Gina, who are now kids. While Cina, Dina's son, shapes up to be quite the happy child, Nina's twins Gina and Tina couldn't be more different, as they're athletic and loner respectively. But they're kids nonetheless, and playful Tina decides to mess up with her mothers make-up and apply it "flawlessly", while Cina tries to do the same, with some difficulties, ending up a true clown-face.