Don't Fear The Reaper
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: City Living, Episode 27
Air date 27 Jan 2017
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Let's Play The Sims 4: City Living - Part 26 (Don't Fear The Reaper) is the 27th Part of the City Living Let's Play.

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While doing his daily routine of going around the neighbourhood to search for items in the street, Wilson hears words of a mysterious evil hermit who's rumoured to be a vampire, Count Vladislaus Straud who lives in a mansion in a forgotten location. Intrigued, Wilson looks back to his upbringings, how he was born from a compressed cloud of pure evil released by a magical wishing well, and reveals a deep dark secret: this cloud of evil manifested itself in the most evil undead in history, a vampire. Wilson has been a vampire all his life and has been keeping it a secret from society. However, he's no ordinary vampire, he's an especial kind as he was not made like the rest, and therefore is almost half-baked. He's missing a huge part of his powers and decides that maybe Vladislaus can help him, and decides to go in search of him.

He finally makes his way to Forgotten Hollow, to the Straud Mansion. Breaking into his mansion, he finds the count playing pipe-organ dramatically on the dungeon-like basement galleries, and approaches him, begging for help regarding his powers. Vladislaus isn't too fond of this, but the two eventually bond and Vlad is always happy to help another vampire in need, so he gives him aid in unlocking his deep-locked powers. Becoming a whole different being, Vladislaus perform the unlocking ritual, as he bites Wilson and then Wilson bites him. Wilson leaves with the promise that his powers will be in full effect soon.

Now that that's dealt with, Wilson has other bussiness to take care off, as he's been meaning to get revenge on Eric Lewis, after hearing that he stole food from Cheryl, and he has just the most poetically ironic way to do it. He goes to the rich and elite Uptown district, where only the most fancy dishes are served, to get a taste of the dangerously delightfull pufferfish nigiri. Urban legend has it that if it's badly cooked or eaten with a bad mood, the pufferfish will be poisonous, killed whoever ingests it. While on the way, he can't help but feel this strange changes happening inside of him.

After adquiring the recipe, Wilson looses no time and goes to his apartment to cook up his lethal dish, as sloppily and badly as possible, and then takes to Eric's house, in Willow Creek. In the house, he finds his target, Eric, has well has his daughter Olivia, but he tries not to get off-focus, and calls Eric for a deal he can't refuse to steal: food. But first, he must get Eric in a terrible mood, to increase the probability of death.

While he tries to make Eric really angry, with insults and mischied, he won't stop being interrupted by Vladislaus' messages, as he tries to integrate him as much as possible to his new fully-vampiric existance. And even more distracting, while the two speak, Olivia decides to take a bite out of the nigiri, making Wilson anxious that she will be the one to wind up dead instead. Meanwhile, Eric's wife Alice also comes home from work, but suspects nothing.

Wilson and Eric's argument end up in a heated fist-fight, which Eric wins, and marks the end of Wilson's attempts. Now everythings layed out for fate to do its job, will he die or will he live?

The answer is uncertain at first, as Eric keeps feasting in nigiri while nothing happens. However, glutton like he is, he won't stop eating and eating, until he meets his demise, as he is finally poisoned, dying with his head laid in a plate of food. Wilson is visibly happy that his plans were successful, and not even Eric's family's sadness can bring him down. In fact, he farts on the spot and blows it to Eric's side, Wilson style. Like always, the Grimm Reaper comes and, like always, Wilson always attempts to talk to them.

Strangely enough, Eric's ghost is immedietly materialized from his urn, and the first thing he does is sit down and finish his plate of nigiri. Some things never change. But now that his job is done, Wilson returns to his apartment to rest after the long day.

However, the long day isn't over, as he spots Vladislaus creeping up by his door step before dissapearing in a cloud of smoke, moments before his transformation is completed, as he's elevated in the air and the smoke clogging his system leaves him, unlocking his vampiric essence fully. Wilson has finally developed from an uncertain demon-like creature to a fully fledged vampire.

Taking it all in, he sips his plasma juice and reminisces on how he avenged Cheryl's burrito, before going to sleep in his couch. As he sleeps, he's haunted by a dream. He dreams of his birth, his parents Rafa and Candy wishing for a child, and the Wishing Well's mischief releasing the cloud of evil smoke that formed him. He dreams about how hard it was growing up as an undetermined creature, some sort of satanic spawn, his insecurities and his ugly face with scars and fangs, that's he learn to despise. He looks back to the day he decided he'd never stop wearing his raccoon fursuit, to cover his disgusting looks. He also dreams about his past, the victims his killed, the items his found, the places he's been, and most importantly, the people he been with. He imagines a clear white void, with all his friends lined solemnly, with dresses, before they all turn into toddler versions of themselves, willing to accept Wilson despite his concept.