Don't Fear The Reaper
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: City Living, Episode 27
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 27 (Fear The Reaper) is the 27th Part of the City Living Let's Play.

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When word reaches Wilson about an evil hermit living in a mysterious unheard town, he uncover a deep dark secret, he's actually an as-of-yet not-fully formed vampire, generated from the evil spell that created him. He travels to Vladislaus, the elder vampire, in hopes of aid developing his powers, and after Vlad takes a liking of him, he shows him the secret to unlocking his full potential. After this, as he develops, Wilson decides to take one for his friend Cheryl and take revenge on Eric, learning how to cook the poisonous puff-fish nigiri to serve him, killing him in an instant. After this evil murder, and with constant overlook of Vladislaus, he finally becomes a fully-formed vampire, and goes to sleep with an off-putting reminder, yet hopeful message in a dream.

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Wilson is just roaming around the Spice Market, looking through trash in his usual activities, looking for precious goods like snow-globes, when he hears of a mysterious evil man who lives alone in a mansion in a hidden town: Forgotten Hallow. Of course, this is an attractive idea for Wilson, so obviously he heads there no problem, to Vladislaus' great mansion.

Vladislau's Bite

Vladislau's bites Wilson's neck to unlock his vampire powers.

When the big doors open for him, he storms in, in pursuit for the old hermit, who he finds dramatically playing on his giant pipe organ. The two converse, and Wilson reveals to him a deep-dark

secret: he's actually a vampire too, but his powers are inexplicably stuck ever since he was formed from a cloud of evil smoke, and he need help unlocking them. Vladislaus engages in a thread of interactions with him, revolving jokes and interests, to test his worth, and eventually decides that will in fact help him. He knows just what to do. He uses dark magic on Wilson, bites bites him on the neck and proceeds to allow him to bite his wrist. This should begin the unclogging process in a few hours. Wilson thanks him and leaves him be, because he has some Wilson-like plans he'd like to make come true.

Wilson's Chopstick Struggle

Wilson struggles with chopsticks when trying the nigiri in an Uptown food stall.

He travels all the way back to San Myshuno, to Uptown, where for sure he can find the most gourmet of delicacies. The one he's looking for is the famous pufferfish-nigiri, the dish that, if cooked wrongly or with low quality pufferfish, it become poisonous and can kill people. He looks for a stand and finds one, buys a, rather expensive, serving and asks for the recipe, learning exactly all he needs to know. His plans are grim: he wants to feed Eric Lewis, the guy who stole food from Cheryl, a poisonous nigiri, killing him instantly, making his gluttony his death-cause. He goes back to his apartment to cook up some nigiri, as sloppily a

s he can of course, which for Wilson isn't hard, and no fresh ingredients used. While in his home he also learns that pufferfish-nigiri can also kill if the person eating it is in a bad mood.

He heads to good ol' Willow Creek to visit Eric in his house. He calls him over and lures him with the fish, something the old glutton couldn't refuse, but before, Wilson tries to put him in a bad mood, by being mean to him and insulting his life. His plans are interrupted though, by none other than Vladislaus, who texts him information about his new-to-come vampire life. While Wilson was distracted, thing get dangerous, when Olivia, Eric's daughter, takes the first serving instead of him. He barely has time to worry (not that he would either way) when he gets another text of vampiric information, revealing vampires don't die from thirst.

Eric is sick of Wilson's rudeness and the two engage in a fight, a fight that he looses, much to his shame. But at least now Eric's sort of tired and definitely wants a treat, so he joins Olivia in eating, unaware that it's Wilson's dish. Eric keeps on eating more and more fish nigiri but he will not die. It was already suspicious that Olivia didn't die either, but now it's confirmed. Something's wrong with the nigiri. He uses Eric's kitchen to cook another batch and plants it on the table again, and since Eric's hunger is never satisfied, he also attacks the new platter.

Eric's Nigiri Choke

Wilson's spoiled pufferfish nigiri finally takes a toll on Eric, as he asphyxiates due to it.

After much effort, Wilson's plan comes to fruition, as in his second bite of the new batch he starts to choke and the bad pufferfish starts having an effect, asphyxiating him, killing him instantly, dropping his head on the full plate of fish. As Wilson celebrates and Olivia cries her heart out, the Grimm Reaper comes to collect Eric's soul. Wilson might be a sociopath, but he'll always have his friends back, and he has finally avenged Cheryl's burrito.

As Wilson laughs his fur out at Eric's urn, Eric's ghost comes back,

Eric's Soul Collection

The Grimm Reaper comes collect Eric's soul, with mixed reactions from Olivia and Wilson.

with a pufferfish swimming around in his spectral body, and the first thing he does is immedietly resume his dish of nigiri. He's a glutton through life and through death apparently. But Wilson's got no time to spare: it's getting late and he heads back home, where he gets another Vladislaus Text TM, regarding vampiric energy, and another one ominously welcoming him to the community. He doesn't think much of him and decides to take a shower, but as he barely even starts to undress, a cloud of evil smoke and evil laughter come from the door.

It's Vladislaus who was creeping at the door, completing the ritual. The same smog of evil that he manifested from now surrounds him, with specs of purple dust, raising him in the air, purifying his ever-impure blood, unclogging his powers. Wilson is now fully a vampire. His birth is complete and now that he's done, he does what anyone would do after such life-changing event: he goes to sleep.

Wilson's Real Face

Wilson's real face.

The Amigo's Transformation

The gang transform's back into kids in Wilson's dream.

When he falls asleep, a dream comes to him. He thinks back to his parents Rafa and Candy, and the fateful moment when they wished for a child, hoping for an opportunity, getting the spawn of the Wishing Well's evil nature in the form of a smoke child. He dreams of growing up and how he become hideous, with a grey complexion and a pair of creepy glowing red eyes and scars, lot's of them. He dreams of the times he hated himself and his looks, and of the day he decided he's wear a fursuit for the rest of his life, to cover up his body. He dreams of his safe space, a blank canvas only filled with his trash and the deaths he caused, as he meditates, forming black smoke around him. In front of him is a line of his closest friends, dressed in dashing white attires: Athena, Max, Pluto and Venus, Xanadu, Cheryl and Precious. In front of him, they all transform into kids again, as does himself, and he recalls that, despite his dreadful looks, this group of friends never turned him down and embraced him, never raising an eyebrow. He'd do anything to protect them, even if it meant killing.

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  • Wilson reveals that the cloud of evil manifesto that he is, actually grants him the status of a vampire, but that his powers were blocked for some reason.
  • He becomes fully a vampire.
  • Eric dies.