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Let's Play The Sims 4: Dine Out - Part 1 (Papaya) is the 1st Part of the Dine Out Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Daniella finally takes hold of her dreams and decides to purchase her dream restaurant. Albeit a simple food truck for now, Daniella has big plans for the future and immedietly starts to deal with her employees and her first batch of customers, for a special debut sale early in the night. However, she seems to find trouble when sassy chef in training Carla is not living up to her resumé claims.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

The Papayas are back and Daniella has finally decided that its time for her to pursuit her dreams of owning her very own restaurant, but she decides to start small by purchasing a simple food truck in Willow Creek: The Portable Papaya. This food truck will be very classical, with foods and drinks related to the snack bussiness, like burgers and other sandwiches, but with a twist, as the food truck functions like a regular restaurant, with waiters and host, to give personal touch. Additionally she started selecting from the employers which applied, choosing the most skilled Carla Sorensen chef. When it comes to the waiter, she notices that Arvin McGraw, a familiar face from Willow Creek, has applied for the job, but is too expensive to hire so she goes with the charismatic Maureen Aldrich, and ends up taking up Arvin for the host job instead, which he also applied to.

Excited to start the bussiness right away, Daniella decides to debut the food truck right away, despite it being 10 pm at night. The employers are pretty dedicated as they arrive for the shift practically immedietly, and the wait for the first costumer begins. And they arrive in no time, the first customer being none other than town celebrity Sterling Hoffmann, whose come looking to dine with a friend.

Willing to impress this prestigious first client, Daniella takes over and starts her job as a manager, overlooking all that is being done, including the cooking, as Carla seems to have some trouble with possible fires in the stove, as fumes and flames continously burst in her frying pot. But she's more focused on Sterling and welcomes him, which prooves to be successful as both Sterling and his friend appear pleased with the service.

Daniella decides to mingle with the workers, so she approaches waiter Maureen, who has taken the patron's orders already, and asks her whats up, to which she responds that there is nothing new to report and everything is going fine. However, the case is different with Arvin, who she approaches, while keeping an eye on Carla who still appears disstressed but has finished Sterling's meal. Arving complains about the fact that it seems that the customers weren't too appreciative of his work.

Time to check up on Carla, whose motives are claimed to be her desire to remain employed, which amuses Daniella who takes a liking of her, despite her stress. She reckons that she must've lied a bit on her resumé and therefore is having some trouble with the cooking part of the job, yet Daniella empathizes with the fact that she too is trying to make a living like she herself once was too, and considers on investing on Carla.

She goes check on Sterling's table, and he seems to like the place, so, as a grand opening special she considers offering the two clients a batch of free drinks, however, she's interrupted by Maureen and by Sterling himself, as he's ready to call it a meal and head off, rating the restaurant at 4 stars. Reading the two guys' critics, it seems that service is brilliant but the food could use an upgrade, so she's definetly paying for brief training for Carla, who instead of thanking gives Carla sass, which does confuse Daniella.

The shift is closed, despite the fact that neighbour Haylee was in fact willing to try Daniella's food, but it seems the day did not go too well, as 10 simoleons were lost and the day was ended with a 1 star rating still. The employers leave, and Carla even leaves the stove on, leaving it up to Daniella to finish the job, before heading home to her family again.

Notes Edit

  • A big part of the episode is spent as Andrew explains the family dinamics to new viewers and shows of the house remodelations after several months of inactivity on the lots.

Milestones Edit

  • This is the first episode of the Let's Play.
  • Daniella purchases The Portable Papaya.

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