Terrible Twins
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 10
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 10 (Terrible Twins) is the 10th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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Tiffany finishes her first book and decides to celebrate with her club, which she revamps by getting rid of the most recents carats. However, its the current ones, the Calientes, who seem to steet trouble when they are not being the kindest. Luckily, Tiffany meets with Alice Spencer-Kim, her new gym friend, who joins the crew. Meanwhile Sonya has a new enemy, Jaqueline, one of the expelt members.

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Spring has sprung in Windenburg and Joshua dreams about having his very own game developing studio one day, as Tiffany develops her writing skill by finishing Diamond Kingdom - The Rise of the Trash Queen, and so she self publishes the book. She wastes no time and starts brainstorming the next book.

When getting ready to start a gathering of A Cut Above, Tiffany sees a picture of her father Archer all dressed up in a suit of armour, just like Moira the previous day, according to Joshua, and assumes he's at it again: since he is now divorced he is now looking for a new woman, apparently Dominic's wife Moira. She heads to the Bathe De Rill community pool, in hopes to possibly find Marcus, but also to meet with the members of her crew, but ends up expelling Jaqueline, Eva and Skye from the A Cut Above, as none of them were bold enough and kind of disliked the leader, which wasn't something Tiffany needed. So she decides to be more selective and start a gathering with the Caliente sisters only. She tries and invite Kimiko too, but she's busy with her job as a doctor, so no could do.

The pool is deserted and full of elders and kids, and no Marcus, but they still have a good time as Tiffany cooks the club some hamburgers and reminises about ways to mess with the Paragons, specifically that no-good Siobhan, and remembers she has a sister, Morgan, who she isn't too fond off, a possible asset to the A Cut Above. Nina enjoys the burgers, but Dina is a little more unconsiderate, when she ignores ther food the leader made, which reminds Tiffany that perhaps the Diamond Earrings are no longer suit for her, and give them to Nina who's been nothing but supportive.

Eating burgers by the pool prooves itself to be quite boring when there is little to no people around, so they decide to head to the nearby gym, the Harbor Quarter Gym, except Nina ditches them, as does Dina after a few minutes. No Marcus Flex at the gym either apperently, but Tiffany makes a gym buddy, Alice Spencer-Kim, who runs next to her in the threadmill and then tutors her. Tiffany takes interest in inviting Alice to be part of the A Cut Above, as she is just so nice, but the requirements set by her prevent her to do so, so she decides to perhaps change her standards just a tad. However, she still knows very little about Alice and doesn't know how to change the requirements to make it so she is eligeble, but before she can get to know her even more, she leaves the gym.

Dina does suggest starting a gathering via text message, but Tiffany refuses, as she is far to busy, as she finds Marcus working out after all. He heads her way, with only a towel wrapped around her after the shower she had taken, and chats with him for a while and the two cloudgaze a little. As they bond with each other, Eliza crashes the site yet again, this time in her underwear, as she stills doesn't have her clothes back. Tiffany almost approaches her to give her another dose of what she's made of, but she is far too tired to do so, so she goes back home.

In front of her apartement she finds Alice, just who she wanted to see, so she gets to know her just a bit more, and changes the rules of the club, eventually inviting her to join, which she excitedly accepts, as chaos breaks down right next to them. As they speak though, Sonya has started up another random fight, this time with Jaqueline, and beats her up hard, winning the fight, only to find who Jaqueline really is: a mean and evil Sim. Alice and Tiffany ignore it and, the latter, after the good day the two shared together, in contrast to the behaviour of both Caliente sisters, Alice is most diserving of the Diamond Earrings, so she passes them on. Sonya is still angry about the fight with Jaqueline, however, who she assumes was upset for being kicked out of the A Cut Above earlier in the day and decided to let in down on her roomate.

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  • Skye, Eva and Jaqueline are expelt from the A Cut Above;