Moving On
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 12
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 12 (Moving On) is the 12th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Sonya hangs out with Dominic at the harbour but the two have a face-to-face with Moira, and her "new friend" Archer, which stirs a bit of drama in their marriage, so much that Dominic completely bails Sonya at the nightclub at night. Meanwhile, Josh brings a bunch of money home by breaking one of his club rules and hacks into some systems.

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Plot Edit

Its a Sunday at the household and Sonya makes breakfast for everyone, scrambled eggs, while Rafa makes the decision to start playing the guitar and writing songs. Joshua always takes the opportunity of the weekend to hack into the Lothario Trust Fund, which is against the rules of the Pixel Perfect, but he doesn't care too much, as noone knows about it.

Sonya is bored and decides to ring up Dominic, so they hang out a little bit and maybe she'll have the courage to make a move finally, but from her window she sees Moira happliy walking around the harbour with none else than Archer Montgomery, so she puts the pieces of the puzzle together and remembers that both have been suspiciously sighted wearing knight costumes and just across the harbour is Dominic, who is ignored by he wife. Sonya approcahes him and talks with her great friend, talk about some locals and then they stargaze, however Moira's back, as she stomps on Sonya just to stand in the middle of the two. Sonya is not happy and is rude, but soon learns it's better to ignore her and go get her man, trash talking Moira, which makes him wary her and excuses himself. Meanwhile, still in the harbour, Moira is chilling out, only to have Sonya approach her and insult her for before.

Sonya has better things to do, though, and since she is craving some dance and is incredibly boring due to the lack of it lately, she goes to the Neon Nights disco with Prisim and invites Dominic over too, so that he can bring over the Spin Masters. Tiffany and A Cut Above come over too, for a good time. However, Dominic soon rushes off into the harbour.

At the dancefloor, the Prisim crew takes over the dancefloor, which is crowded with Spin Masters, including Candy, and even Archer (however no Moira this time), who's probably looking for love. Sonya, who's really in the mood for dancing, decides to dance battle Archer no matter what, and after insisting three times, he does give in and battles with Sonya. Confidence on top, what she wasn't expecting was for Archer to do better than her, after she failed a few moves, even though she is skilled, she's still quite clumsy. Meanwhile, Rafa arrives to play some Chip-Tune as he kicks the DJ out of the spot, with Candy by his side.

They call it a night and head back home, and Sonya wonders why Dominic bailed on her and why Moira didn't show up at the club at all, seeing Archer was there, and comes to the conclusion that they're probably at home having a huge falling out due to Moira's jealousy, after what happened earlier in the day.