Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 17
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 17 (Closeted) is the 17th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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Candy, in an unexpected twist of events, asks Rafa on a date and the two romance around the harbour, but she gets zealous with the texting and starts inviting everyone ti random parties, who's noone in the mood to.

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It's Rafa's vacation day he plans to work on a remix to publish, however he is suprised when Candy, who so many times before refused to go on a date with him, texts him to ask him out on a date no less. Rafa is there right away, since his love for Candy is starting to have no bounds, since he has plans of asking her to marry him, though it is far too soon to do so.

They meet at arcade at the harbour and have fun in an arcade machine, but soon get bored and decide to go Woo-Hoo in a closet and then go order food together at the bar. However, the date soon ends as Rafa needs to head to work.

Back at the apartement complex, Tiffany and Sonya have both been promoted and in Tiffany's case she has fulll embraced her job as an author and will start making more money from books, which really does come in handy to her. This promotions enable Rafa to puruit his dream of buying a brand new DJ booth, which he does so.

Night falls and everyone is ready to head to sleep, but Candy's in texting mood so she texts Sonya informing her that its Ladies Night and that she could come hang out and enjoy free drinks with her, but Sonya is just too tired to accept, and then she texts Rafa claiming that there is an insane party at the ruins that he must check out, yet he also declines seeing he's exhausted too.

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