Wish Upon A Well
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 19
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 19 (Wish Upon A Well) is the 19th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Upon descovering a wishing well in a secluded garden, Josh wishes for Cassandra's love and the two end up madly in love with each other, now dating. The word spreads to the rest of the group, who one by one uses the well to their advantage, let it be money for Rafa, stress-relief for Sonya and work performance for Tiffany, who has plans of using the wishing well for more nefarious scheemes.

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Plot Edit

Josh decides to invite Cassandra for a walk in the newest park. They meet at the fountain in the middle of the park and Josh swipes some Simoleons from the fountain and then he and Cassandra play in the water, slashing and jumping. Josh hasn't stopped being mechievious yet, so he vandalizes the fountain for fun by adding soap to the water, which shocks Cassandra, who's a proper girl.

However, it isn't long until Josh finds a magical wishing well, hidden in the park's amnesties, and makes an offering so he wishes for the romance of Cassandra, so the wishing well delivers the "ultimate pick-up line", which completely conquers Cassandra's heart, as she immedietly falls in love with him and Joshua risks it all by asking her to be his girlfriend, which she accepts. They have their first kiss next to the well.

Rafa, hearing of this magical wishing well, goes visit the park himself to test it out, and wishes for money, who tells them a dark secret about the closest Sim around: Cassandra. The wishing well tells him that she secrety collects dolls and action figures and suggests blackmailing her, exchanging money for his silence. He does so and Cassandra has no other option than too give him his money, but the two become enemies.

Sonya is around the neighbourhood too, and is starting to feel anxious that she hasn't seen Dominic in a while and is afraid of what he might be doing, so she invites him to hang out at the park too and, seeing the results of the wishing well, she goes ahead and makes an offering herself and wishes for happiness, but the well tricks her and puts a curse on her, making her sad in the presence of other sims, who become happy whenever she's aroud, for the sole reason that they enjoy her misery. Miserable, she decides to express herself through her paintings, and at least she isn't feeling insecure anymore.

Meanwhile, Josh gets a text from Marcus congratulating him for his new girlfriend, as he has fun continuing to steal things from the park, and Tiffany is back from her job, with a promotion, and curious, decides to test out the well too, wishing for a promotion, and immedietly gets a call from her boss who's taken interest on her and has noticed how her preformance has been outstanding, telling her that for sure she will get promoted at the end of the next shift. Josh is willing to give another shot at the wishing well too, wishing for a child and also gets a call, from the adoption center, offering a free adoption, which he refuses.

They return back home after the well adventure, and Tiffany realizes that the well can be of use in her plan to destroy the Paragons, after all, if Cassandra and Josh are now together, there's a chance she can use it to break up Siobhan and Sergio, even if she still has her eyes on Marcus.

Notes Edit

  • This part is a showcase part to the most recent Stuff Pack: Romantic Garden Stuff, so half of the part is solely dedicated to showcase the CAS items as well as the Build/Buy ones.