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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 20
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 20 (Ultimate DJ) is the 20th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When Rafa experts his DJ skill, Dominic finds in him a more suitable leader for the Spin Masters, promoting him to this status a resigning from the club all together, transferring to Sonya's Prisim, to end with all the drama of their relationship. It isn't the only thing that changes about Prisim, as Sonya announces the introduction of painting to the club.

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Plot Edit

It's very early in the morning on a Monday and Tiffany works on her writing, starting up a brand new book Starcrossed Dancers, a book about the struggles between Sonya and Dominic, and Josh makes a mobile app calles Wack Eliza!, obviously about Eliza and wacking her face.

The house is disgusting, so Rafael hires a schedule maid and then goes continue to work some mixtapes, only to finally master the DJ skill, while Josh fixes a broken computer for Tiffany, who keep eating on it. But while Rafa DJs he receives a text from Candy, who's acknoldeged that he has become enemies with Cassandra, admiting that she's a jerk, suprising him, since he too now hates her, much like Josh hates his girlfriend.

After the computer is fixed, Tiffany goes work on her operation steal Sergio from Siobhan, by writing a romantic e-mail to him, while Sonya makes some decisions about Prisim. She decides to take the best of both worlds and introduce other arts into the club, as Sonya is a painter herself, daydreaming about having an art/dancing/music institute studio for her group and more.

Rafa finishes a mixtape, which he calls 100 Flavours of Candy, referrencing his mad love for Candy, incorporating her strange mood swings, just as the maid, Felicity, arrives.

Meanwhile at Dominic's makes a dificult decision for him: he decides to sacrifice his Spin Master's leadership, giving the status to Rafa who impressed with his DJ skills, all for Sonya. That's because, fed up of the Prisim x Spin Masters drama, he has decided to join the Prisim crew as the colour purple, for good.

To introduce the new rules of Prisim, as well as the new member, Sonya convoquates a gathering at her house, where Tiffany has finished Starcrossed Dancers, ironically when Dominic joins Sonya, and spirits get a bit akward between him and Rafa, since he is in the apartement too.