Be Gone Paragons
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 24
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 24
Air date 25 Feb 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 24 (Be Gone Paragons) is the 24th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Tiffany has decided that its time to take over the Paragons, by taking Siobhan down, when she runs into them on the pool. Attempting to use the wishing well to make Sergio love her, but prevented due to the curse she's put upon herself, Tiffany has to conquer his heart through hardwork, to capture his and the rest of the Paragons' trust to take Siobhan out of the picture. However, the challenge isn't over, but neither is Tiffany's drive.

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Plot Edit

Tiffany has just finished her most recent book, a motivational book: Shine Bright, and has started a sci-fi book, Uranus Descending, and couldn’t be more successful. However, Tiffany remembers the Paragons, who hang out on the nextdoor pool, deciding that it’s time to get a grip and destory the club.

So she heads to the Bathe De Rill, in hopes the find the popular club, which she does, and starts right away to try and get Sergio’s love. Like she planned, she decides to visit the wishing well again, obviously to wish for love that will hopefully make Sergio and her love each other, dismanteling the group. However, the wish has previously answered to her call for love, by giving her Jamel, and is not willing to give her another love spell, so she wishes for money instead, which makes her win the lottery!

So she has to use her hardwork and charm to get the Paragons to turn against their leader Shiobhan, specially Sergio. In fact, she does find a challenge when she needs to somehow infiltrate into the private hangout of the Paragons at the pool, the core of the action, but luckily Sergio lets her in, being the good friend he is. Chatting with Sofia, and then Sergio, at the pool, she starts to win their trust, and eventually ends up spending the whole night with Sergio, flirting quite in front of Siobhan and stargazing outside.

After finally befriending Sofia and charming Sergio, she gets the guts to ask to be a part of the Paragons, obviously to her new friends, which are excited to receive her. Meanwhile, the Renegades have hit the scene, giving Tiffany an idea: introduce one of the Renegades, Morgan, which so happens to be Siobhan’s sister, into the A Cut Above to have one more allie against her snooty rival, seeing Morgan and her don’t get along all too well. In fact, as soon as Morgan got to the pool, Siobhan left, leaving Tiffany to do whatever she wants with the Paragons. However, she focuses on getting to know Morgan, before heading back home.

At home, she decides to invite over Sergio, Sofia and Luna too, the other Paragon she needed to lure, and the four watch a movie, the Clumsy Sisters, in the living room. After a fun night of socializing, Sofia and Luna have left, leaving Tiffany and Sergio alone, which obviously works to Tiffany’s advantage, as she watches a romantic comedy with him, while flirting repetedly.

However, Tiffany receives a text message from her half-sister Kimiko, who is at a dance party in the Ruins, and invites her, which she says yes, heading to the Ruins with Sergio, to party and possibly hook up with him, bringing the rest of the Paragons with her too.

The party is cool at the Ruins, but Kimiko has to leave soon, so its just Tiffany and Sergio now, which gives the opportunity to hit on him in the crowd, where their hearts are inspired by the songs DJ Dusty plays. However, while Sergio might have enjoyed the casual flirts, when Tiffany tries to go further and give him a kiss, he denies it, and Tiffany heads back home, embarrased.

However, her heart is still inspired by love, so she decides to work on a new romance book called Casper Romancer, inspired by Jamel, who hasn’t showed up since Ghost Night and isn’t even up for communication, since Tiffany can’t even access him. The household as a whole, however, is excited to upgrade the apartement, since Tiffany did win the lottery ticket, so their bank account is now loaded.