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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 25
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 25
Air date 27 Feb 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 25 (New Player) is the 25th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

The Pixel Perfect crew has a new member, Alfonso, Kimiko's husband, and Josh finally fullfills his dream of become a total computer whiz, which makes him decide to focus more on his club leadership from now on. Meanwhile roomates have also have brand new upgraded apartment complex, where big plans are in the making.

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Plot Edit

The money from Tiffany's lottery ticket has changed the apartement complex completely, as it now incorporates a pool, a spa area, decorated rooms and an overall upgraded feel.

Inside, Tiffany continues to try and contact Jamel, however, connection is completely lost and she doesn't know what to do about him, since she doesn't know how to even approach him, being a mysterious ghost and all. On the other side of the house, Joshua is excited to meet with the Pixel Perfect crew again, to develop yet another game at the arcade, since both Wack-A-Liza, Slobman and The Burbz are making an awfull lot of money.

At the arcade, Josh gathers the troops, but notices that everytime they gather there, Alfonso, Kimiko's husband and Diego's good friend, seems to be at the bar too, so he wonders if he has heard about the club through Diego and is eager to join, leaving hints here and there. Because of this Josh decides to go ahead and ask him if he'd like to be part of the crew, which he accepts, making Alfonso a part of Pixel Perfect from now on.

Josh enters a gaming contest before starting up on the videogame, and comes out in second, setting the mood for the start of the development. The group has fun playing the games and so much gaming fullfills Josh's aspiration of being a total computer whiz, making him wanna focus more on his club life, and leading it. However, its off to work, as the crew develops a mobil app, Swipe It!, which is sure to make success.

Heading back home, Josh takes the entire crew with him, but there seems to be some tension between Alfonso and Travis, something to do with heartbreak that nobody really understands, but Josh is far too tired for these antics and goes to sleep.

Asleep by herself too, Tiffany dreams of her plans to overthrow the Paragons, and figures the best way to do it is to call in sick and throw a house party full of people, to celebrate their brand new house design, and possibly stirr up the drama she needs.