Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 29
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Air date 23 Mar 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 29 (Paragone) is the 29th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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Tiffany's plan finally unfolds when it turns out that the Paragons have lost interest in having Siobhan as a leader and, with the crews supports, she takes over and kicks her out for good. However, when she goes tell the news of her finally becoming the leader of another club to her half-sister Kimiko, the latter is very unimpressed with her petty behaviour and gives her a pep talk on her maturity, getting into the A Cut Above to see if Tiffany will change her mentality, as well as the purpose of the club.

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It's the afternoon after Sonya's master-gathering at the house and Tiffany has made a decision: she is going to dismantle the Paragons once and for all. She is already at the Bathe Rill, the community pool, ready to get down to bussiness and convince the members, Luna, Sofia and obviously Sergio to collectively overthrow Siobhan. But she was not counting with a little encounter with the Renegades, the anti-Paragons of the town. Despite having the same motives, she's having an heated argument with Max Villareal, the mini-leader of the Renegades, and they're definetly not gettig along.


Siobhan eavesdropping Tiffany and Sergio's conversation about her.

She leaves the tiny twerp to actually do things, even though the pool seems to have been infested by Renegades, but she goes approach her "friends" at their little hangout area, where Siobhan, Sofia and Sergio are trying out outfits together. Luckily, she finds herself alone with Sergio, since Sofia has left and Siobhan is having fun fiddling with clothes inside the walking closet and probably won't leave for long, so Tiffany sees an opportunity to see how well her plan is going, questioning Sergio about his thoughts on Siobhan. She's shocked to learn that maybe she won't have to stirr the trouble anymore, because Sergio confesses to her he's sick of Siobhan and is in fact not really enjoying the way she's leading it. Little did the two know that Siobhan was exiting the closet and was listening to the conversation all along, while questioning her boyfriend's opinion and outfit. Siobhan knows something is going on, and Tiffany is curious to see if Sergio's opinion streches out to the other two girls, who are outside drinking coffee.

She goes ask Sofia what she thinks, and she is also not on board with Siobhan's leadership, and neither is Luna when questioned. Siobhan clearly isn't popular anymore and that makes Tiffany smile, especially since now she has backup on her overthrow. And the time has come. She approaches Siobhan, who's still having fun with the closet, and asks her what she thinks about being the leader of the Paragons. Siobhan is proud to say she love's leading the club and that she's sure that her friends also enjoy her as such, and think she's doing a good job. Little does she know that not one of them said something positive about her. This is the turning point. Tiffany, with backup of the other members (except maybe Sergio, who seems more interested in putting on the most flamboyant attires) yells the truth into Siobhan and tells her like it is, rather violently. Siobhan is intimidated and shocked, and so she resigns from being the leader and leaves upset, when Tiffany takes over and doesn't hesitate to kick out the girl who's been nothing but a burden her whole childhood. Tiffany is now the leader of another club, the club she was wanting to rival since the beggining, and the feeling is amazing, confident like never.

Kicked Out

Siobhan walking sadly out of the Bathe De Rill after being kicked out of her own club.

So confident that she decides to visit Kimiko at Willow Creek just to give her the news. She does find herself in a bit of a confusion when Kimiko tells her she's at the Ancient Ruins, where she goes search and finds nothing, only to later actually find her at her home, in Willow Creek. Once she's there, she's received by Gwen and Athena, who are having a mother-daughter moment in the yard, and goes inside, where she finds Kimiko is quite touched by the show she's watching, the Sims of the Dead, and is crying. So it seems her favourite character has died. But the talk and bond even more, since they have been connecting a lot through texting actually, and Tiffany tells her the story of her quest to bring down the Paragons. However, Kimiko is unimpressed with her behaviour, and calls her out on how immature of her it was to destroy Siobhan's club out of vengence, and that it's a petty behaviour similar to that of highschool kids, all in Kimiko's nice way of course. It's then that Kimiko starts to consider that maybe Kimiko is right, she's older than her and is acting like a child, and now that she has become a respectable author with influence, she should start considering behaving better and setting an example. She realizes that there is a lot of good she can do so she promises that now on she will only focus on positivity then, she was filled with hate since birth due to Archer, but now he's no longer in her life so she might as well be better than him and be nice. She even starts thinking on changing the more "snobish ways" or less nice ways of the A Cut Above and focus more on the wellness of body and mind, maybe with some yoga. To keep track of Tiffany's evolution, Kimiko decides to joi the club with her, and Tiffany agrees, she is her sister after all. She also considers inviting Sergio, Luna and Sofia to the club, but isn't too sure of that.