Miss Misery
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 30
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 30
Air date 1 Jun 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 30 (Miss Misery) is the 30th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When Tiffany finally gets the guts to approach Jamel for the inevitable breakup, she finds herself somewhat sad, due to the wishing well magic that binded her to Jamel through love. So she decides to fight fire with fire and bargain for happiness in the wishing well. However, she's instead cursed with a twisted spell, that will make her laugh until her death. Luckily for her, it seems that her sadness is still able to neutralise the effects, but for how long? While the rest of the friends have fun in their clubs, Tiffany is forced to find ways to keep herself miserable and remain alive, ruining her plans to steal Sergio from Siobhan just because she can.

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It's breakfast time in the household and Tiffany is distancing herself from her roomates, sitting away from them at the dinner table. Sonya, however, notices and goes up to her, convincing her to come sit next to them. Kimiko's words must've really gotten her down, as she's already planning to change the A Cut Above into a goodness club, after one last naughty deed: dispanding the Paragons from inside, now that she's the leader.

But for now, Tiffany has to deal with a different problem: Jamel, who she still hasn't seen aside from the one night at the arcade and who neglets her constantly, making her induced feelings for him fade. While she reminises, leader of the Good Timers, Jacques Villareal, contacts Tiffany in order to have her in his club, but she promptly refuses it, for she herself has plans for a good time-y club.

Tiffany decides to head out and pay Jamel a visit, in the house that he's haunting. With the hopes to find him there, she's dissapointed when it seems he's not inside, but it turns out he's just avoiding Tiffany yet again by possessing the TV, hiding inside. Tiffany turns the TV on and he's expelled, but as soon as he's out he tries escaping out the door, but Tiffany stops him before anything else ensues and decides that they need to breakup, for their relationship is anything then healthy, as it was induced by wishing well magic and none of the two are trying too hard to make it work. What Tiffany wasn't expecting was for the curse to actually make her feel sad about the breakup, so to feel better she decides to soend some time with another "friend", Sergio. After all, she can always still steal him from Siobhan before she starts her good resolution.

She goes out to the romantic garden where the gang first found the wishing well, in order to maybe invite Sergio over and start a little date, sending him a sad text, and Sergio, recognizing her sorrow, decides to just invite her over to his house to hang out, which she obviously accepts.

But Sergio is not home, and only Joaquin waits for her, so she just decides to go back to the park, to be surrounded by nature for a while, but when she finds the wishing well again, the temptation is too big and, since she is unexplicably sad, she decides to just go ahead and wish for happiness. The wishing well, howeverm plays another one of their games, punishing Tiffany for her greed again, giving her a twisted version of what she wanted: a laughing spell that will cause her death out of over-hysteria. Luckily, it seems that Tiffany's sadness is neutralizing the well's devious trick, which means if Tiffany's sorrow is taken away, she'll die. That wrecks her plans with Sergio so she just goes home.

At the apartement, Josh decides to bring Pixel Perfect over and Rafa invites the Powerhouse, but it's bad news for Tiffany when the spell starts making effect and she cannot stop laughing, she must find something that will make her miserable or calm down, so she tries yoga, but she has to attend work, which could be a good thing to stress her out, so she tells herself she'll work really hard at work for the sake of her own life.

While Rafa works out and teh Powerhouse invade the pool, thhe Pixel Perfect is gathering at the undergroud office, working on the game Kissandra, finishing it. Time flew fast while they worked, because Tiffany has arrived with the news that she's actually a best-selling author right now, which would be amazing news if only they weren't completely spoiled by the sadness of breakup. But this inspires her to write a book on breakup, using her experience and sorrow as a helper. But at least the curse has expired so she no longer has to worry about her life.