Heat of the Moment
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 31
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 31
Air date 02 Jun 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 31 (Heat of the Moment) is the 31st Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

After the gatherings dispand, Josh reckons he's been negleting Cassandra for a while now, so he asks her to stay behind to watch a movie, however, too many distractions seem to take up his time. He makes up for it though, when in the heat of the moment, he calls Cassandra over to his bedroom for a quick woo-hoo. Meanwhile, Tiffany copes with her breakup through writing, with friend Sonya by her side.

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Plot Edit

The Pixel Perfect and Powerhouse gatherings are coming to an end and the club members start to leave to their respective homes, but Joshua gets Cassandra to stay for a while, considering he hasn't dedicated to much time to his girlfriend. Meanwhile Tiffany, who has just arrived home, heads to write the book she planned, a guide on dealing with breakup. She begins writing her guide: 50 Ways of Going Ghost.

Downstairs, Josh has decided that his time with Cassandra will be spent watching a rom-com, Simder, since it did unite Rafa and Candy in the past. He really has to go to the bathroom though, but Cassandra lured him otherwise, so he is in no way confortable, and now Rafa has come to obliviously third-wheel, and have a conversation with Josh, which he promptly joins, excitedly, right in front of the screen.

Rafa leaves though, to finish some mixtapes, but so does Josh who can't contain any longer, leaving Cassandra alone for the second time. Upstairs, Sonya has arrived and, since the living room TV is taken, she goes up to Tiffany's room to entertain herself, and relaxes for a while in her comfy sofas, but she notices Tiffany's mood and decides to help her dealing with Jamel's break up, while sharing experiences and helping her out on her book. So much that she is able to finish the book in no time and feel better about it, ready to embark on another book: Art Of Ghosting, Physically and Metaphorically.

Josh and Cassandra's date has not gone well so far, they've pretty much been akwardly standing together all night long, or not even together at all. But Josh has an idea to spice things up a notch and takes Cassandra to his bedroom, where Janessa has apparently been geeking out alone since the end of the gathering, and, in the heat of the moment, they woo-hoo, while Sonya sleeps in the room nextdoor and Rafa DJs, so nothing can be heard. Suprisingly though, as soon as they're finished, Cassandra gets dressed and storms off, no two words about it.

Tiffany has returned to her old spirit, writing, listening to music and texting all at the same time, confidence restored.