Bon Appétit
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 32
The Sims 4 Get Together - Thumbnail 32
Air date 07 Jun 2016
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 32 (Bon Appétit) is the 32nd Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When Tiffany's trial to woo Sergio in a fancy restaurant date fails due to his work schedule, she dines with Tricia instead, and the two find each other in all sorts of misadventures at the restaurant, from spying on Sterling to see if the women he was meeting without telling were friends or foes, to dealing with a seating confusion, and finally, to end the date right with the meal giving Tiffany a bad case of food poisoning.

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Plot Edit

As she converses with Rafa in the dining table, Tiffany reminisces about meeting with her mother and sister some day, but she decides to woo Sergio instead, by calling him up for a nice meal in a restaurant in Windenburg: Chez Llama. The two meet at the doorstep in order to Tiffany to finally steal Sergio from Siobhan. However, as soon as she heads into the restaurant, Sergio remembers he's got work to do and ditches Tiffany.

Confused, Tiffany decides to call up Tricia instead, so she can finally meet with her mom like she wanted. Tricia comes right away, to the rescue to spend time with her daughter, and the two chat in the front entrance. However, as they enter the lobby to get a seat at the host, they see Sterling just casually waiting around the place, and decide to spy him to see what he's up to. For a second they suspect he's with another lady, but when it seems like he's actually alone, turns out he meets with another woman called Carla Sorensen. However, it quickly turns out to be a missunderstunding, but in the end of this confusing mess he does end up sitting with another professional looking lady, Diane, who they assume is a co-worker gathering for a bussiness meeting.

The host finally receives them and directs them to one of the fanciest tables, in a booth, and after some complications with the host Christine Wagner, who seemed to be really confused about which table to give them, they're finally ready to order. Despite being morning time, Tricia gets some nectar and a fancy roll while Tiffany gets some good ol' coffee, Paragon tradition, with Volcano Pasta. The environment is very fancy, as they see Dominic on the other side of the booth, and the open windows in the kitchen allow to see the work of the alien chef, Elliana Larson. The restaurant is definetly fancy, even the Landgraabs are dining there, and as their food is being brought by the waiter, they verify that the food is very fancy looking too.

Tiffany decides to cherish the moment by posting her meal to Simstagram, which gets compliments on the web, but what's really to cherish is the chatter that she can finally get up to date with Tricia, despite Dominic deciding to join the convo. Luckily he leaves soon, leaving Tiffany to eat very, very slowly. The food must not have been tasting too good, evidenced by the fact that, immedietly after she finishes, she starts feeling an uncontrollable need to go to the bathroom. Confused, Tiffany does her bussiness and reunites with Tricia at the table. The two talk for a bit, as Tiffany entretains herself with a drawing mat, but in the process she realizes that she must've caught food poisoning, meaning something was wrong with the food, and she decides to call up an executive to report the case. In desperation, the executive gives her 130 simoleons to cover the damage and advices her on what to do, and even begs her to not tell anybody about what just happened. Clearly, Tiffany is not one to back out of an opportunity to rant, so she barges into the kitchen and insult the chef Elliana, who replies in a very sassy, sarcastic and even violent manner.

Tiffany sees it's best suited to just leave, as she notices the place is now full of familiar faces, Kimiko and her family, Precious and Alfonso, are scattered around, and the Papaya couple, Daniella and Brandon, are eating with an unknown child, Catheline McClain, and they seem to be talking smack about her.

Back at home, sick, goes immedietly to sleep, sad that her plans to get with Sergio didn't even get steady like she planned.