Dance Battle
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 3
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 3 (Dance Battle) is the 3th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Sonya and Rafa hit the disco to set on expanding their club life and, while Sonya gets in a bit of an embarrasing situation when she miserablye looses a dance battle with Dominic, the leader of the Spin Masters, Rafa is accepted into the club.

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Dance Party At Home

Rafa gives the housemates some music that inspires a mini-dance party.

It is nightime and Sonya, Rafa and Josh are tired off from work, where they worked so hard every single one of them got promoted, restoring the household's funds after the bankrupcy of the previous day. To relax, Rafa decides to practice his DJing, while bored Sonya joins in to dance to the rythm, attracting Josh too and eventuallt waking Tiffany up, who has no option but to get down with them as well.

The four of them have a good time at the "dance party", but Rafa is feeling quite embarrased about his DJing skills, which are still pretty amature, in contrast to Sonya, who's feeling pretty confident about her dancing. Either way, he decides to give it a try and apply for the Spin Masters. However, while at it, he receives a lenghty text from Dominic Fryes, the leader of the Spin Masters, who's heard about his interest and invites him to join the crew to the Discotheque, to show off his skills and perhaps, if he impresses them, join in.

The Dance Battle

Sonya makes a fool of herself on the dance battle with Dominic.

He goes and meets the Spin Masters' gang, such as Joaquin, Dominic himself and the beautiful Candy Behr, and immedietly puts on a show when he replaces the DJ in the disco, and takes over the DJ booth, putting on some tunes. Sonya also decides to go to the disco and perhaps find some members for her crew, which has since been renamed Prisim. However, the night is not over for Rafa, who has started to receive tips from the locals, by playing his great tunes, which inspire Sonya to clean the dancefloor with a group dance, though her partner, Jade, completly ignores her and doesn't join her. Luckily, the show starts over, this time with Jade participating too, only now its Dominic who's ruining the performance by standing in the middle of the dancefloor. This reminds Sonya of why she intends to rival the Spin Masters and challenges Dominic for a dance battle, to the sound of Rafa's DJing. However, she makes a fool of herself when Dominic, the leader of the best dance crew around, walks all over her, winning the battle. Sonya goes home, tired and embarrased.

Rafa stays however, as his task is yet to be completed, and he approaches Dominic to chat it up a bit, dance and eventually ask if it is possible that they're hiring a new member. The two get along quite well and the crew was impressed, so the Spin Masters accepts Rafa into the crew. He returns to the apartement, exhausted, and immedietly goes to bed, as does everyone else.

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Milestones Edit

  • Sonya meets Dominic.
  • Rafael meets Candy.
  • Rafael joins the Spin Masters.
  • Sonya changes her dance crew's name from Sparkle Motion to Prisim.