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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 4 (Booty Call) is the 4th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

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After Eliza's betrayal, Tiffany decides to play it smooth and lure the sisters Nina and Dina into voting her off as a leader, since Eliza is playing it dumb. This gives her an oppurnity to get closer with the sisters, which she is able to do, eventually being elected back to leader status, expelling Eliza from the club once the facade is over.

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Tiffany, shocked by Eliza's actions, immedietly makes way into Willow Creek, to the Pancakes House, to deak with the issue personally, and find out what's going on and get back the club that's rightfully hers. Though she has a far more interesting tactic in mind. Instead of striking immedietly, Tiffany style, she chooses to deal with issue level-headedly, and buy Eliza with kindness and manipulate her into stepping down.

Tiffany Who

Eliza pretends she doesn't recognize Tiffany.

In Willow Creek, she meets Eliza, who's pretending like she doens't even know who Tiffany is and joins back the A Cut Above, receiving an annoying message from Eliza to go to the Discotheque with group, as if she ever had any authority on the club, but Tiffany refuses as she has other plans. She tries to speak to Eliza, but she locks her out, even though she later lets her in again. As Eliza brags about being the leader of the A Cut Above, Tiffany tries to talk her out of leading the club, which she insists it is HER club and not Tiffany's.

Tiffany soon realizes what she has to do, she must convince the other members, the Caliente sisters, to aid her in her coup. She goes all the way to Oasis Springs, to meet the Calientes, to have a secret meeting with them. By using arguments such as the fact that it was her that gave her a spot in the A Cut Above in the first place, especially Nina who was pretty much let in by pity. By praising them as members and trashing Eliza down, she finds out that neither of them have even experienced what she is as a leader. As a last resource she takes them in a secret club gathering, obviously without Eliza, to the Bluffs, a secret island where hopefully they would'nt be interrupted by certain traitors. They head to the Windenburg Island, where Tiffany has a sudden eppifany about what she wants the club to become, when she sees big plot of land, daydreaming about a possible headquarters of the A Cut Above. However, reality quickly hits, as she guides the sisters to a cave that leads to the Bluffs. However, she sees a beautiful beach, where she decides to light a purple bonfire and hang out with them, probably lure them into making Tiffany her leader again. They dance around the fire, they have a good time, but she them takes to the cave. Tiffany is very excited she rushes there, speeding off, as the sisters take their time.

The Bluffs

The island of The Bluffs.

But eventually they find themselves in the Bluffs, where they prepare for a small party, only for Eliza to crash in, finding them where Tiffany thought she would never. However, Tiffany still goes foreward with her plan to befriend them more, making drinks only for them, excluding Eliza, and having fun with them at the pool. However, even at the pool, Eliza stays close to her, so that Tiffany is forced to ask about Eliza in front of her, to which Dina dissapointedly responds that she wishes she stays for long. Luckily, Eliza leaves in the middle of the gathering, giving Tiffany the freedom she needs. They have a good time, dancing and chatting, until Dina leaves, leaving Tiffany alone with Nina. Luckily, she finds Marcus in the Café, where they head to, and goes talk to him, but finally is able to befriend Nina enough that she's confortable with asking her to overthrown Eliza. However, she is far to tired to carry on and heads home.


Tiffany gathers the Caliente sisters for a secret meeting but Eliza crashes in, sitting with them by The Bluff's natural pool.

Fresh in the morning, Tiffany is ready for action and takes a vacation day to dedicate it to restoring the peace in the club, and while she has breakfast, Nina sends her a text message asking her to hang out, everything going according to Tiffany's plan. They head to the bar, where Tiffany has to take her of herself before doing anything, and then receives at text from Marcus, who's excited to hear that she's now friends with Nina. Apperently, everyone's in the mood for texting, since the, she receives a text message from Dina who's finally responding to Tiffany's trashing of Eliza, claiming that she totally agrees and that in fact they shouldn't hang out with her anymore.

Meanwhile, still at the bar, Eliza has started a gathering by herself and Dina, and Tiffany, who was having some terrible fries at the bar, decides to join in and finish her work. As she approaches Dina, Eliza mysteriously dissapears, as if she knows what's actually going on, but Tiffany is slowly getting Dina to her side, and, seeing that she might just succeed, Tiffany takes the group to a more appropriate site for an overthrowing of a "queen": The Ancient Ruins of Windenburg.

Tiffany heads head first into it and asks the risky topic, directly to Eliza's face and smoothly, convincing her to resign her status. Eliza innocently admits that maybe Tiffany would be a better lead for the club, sadly resigning from being the leader. Tiffany is done with the facade, and yells at her, insults her and kicks her out of the A Cut Above, removing her Diamond Earrings with it. But that isn't all. She also strips Eliza from all her clothing, which had been borrowed from Tiffany's wardrobe anyways (no, Eliza will not walk around naked as she as able to find a single dress from her grandmother in the dumpster).

Party At The Bluffs

Tiffany celebrates Eliza's fall and her new recruits by attending a party at The Bluffs and rocking the dancefloor.

At the ruins, a crowd has gathered. As Nina sleeps in a rock and Dina does a little light show as the sun sets. Marcus and Alfonso have came to the ruins to hang out too and even Archer, whose expressions suggest that he might be proud of his daughter, for taking back her position of power, but also maybe jealous. But, not too much later, her mom, Trisha, sends her a text about an insane party at the Bluffs that she must attend, which Tiffany does to celebrate the fall of Eliza. Now Tiffany is face-to-face to another dilemma, she has the Diamond Earrings to pass on, but two loyal sister-minions to choose. But Tiffany has another carat find in the party, as Eva Capricciosa, a Parihaus, catches her eye with her purple shirt, the signature colour of the A Cut Above, and she seems to fit the standarts no less. And since the trio of minions is down to two, she finds that its time to recruit some troops, so she suggestes joining her club to a few girls at the party, Eva, Skye Fine and Jaqueline Hong, who, despite not going to much with Tiffany's face due to her infamosity, they accept the request. The night ends with a group dance with the new troops, before going back home, where Tiffany can finally sleep relaxed, now that she's the queen bee again.

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  • Eliza is overthrown as the leader and Tiffany goes back to her status;
  • Eliza is expelt from A Cut Above;
  • Eva, Skye and Jaquelina join the A Cut Above;