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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 6
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 6 (Up All Nighy) is the 6th Part of the Get Together Let's Play.

Summary Edit

In and insane party down on a brand new club, love sprouts between the members: Josh finds himself thron between the pity for Cassandra and his lust for Diego, Sonya struggles with her new found passion for Dominic and with keeping it from the Prisim members and Rafa makes moves with Candy.

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It's Monday afternoon and Rafa has the day off so he takes the opportunity to get a little closer with Candy, who he really wants to go on a date with, however he is aware that if he tries now she won't accept it, so what better way than to build their relationship up a bit? So he heads straight to her house, in the old town, pay her a visit.

Candy kindly receives him but kind of ditches him for a while when she decides to go to her room play a videogame. Luckily she stops to chill with Rafa, who starts flirting right away. However, he realizes that he needs to train a little of DJing for his job, but luckily Cancy, a fellow DJ, also has a DJ booth, so Rafa is able to study for a while. However, this takes up the time he had to spend with Candy, as he then needs to head to work in a rush.

Meanwhile, Sonya is pampeing her club system a little bit, coming up with rules and restrictions, which mostly restrict any kind of interaction with the Spin Masters that isn't mechievious. However, it is all just a distraction as secretly she has started to get some feelings for Dominic, who's the leader for the Spin Masters, who might also be into her, as the two have been seeing each other lately. She heads then to a brand new club which is built where the Discoteque once was, the Neon Lights, who is owned by a friend of one of the Prisim members so Sonya's club has access to their very own hangout spot at the disco. The gathering begins but the party is crashed by an umpleasent guest, Eliza Pancakes, dressed in her grandma´s clothes after being stripped from all her fashions, who apparently has been pranked, as she is wearing an oversized trash can around her head too.

Tiffany and Josh decide to go out too, explore the new disco. Tiffany wishes to get to know the newes carats a little better and hopefully make a decision on who to pass the Diamond Earrings down to. She decides Dina is the most worthy of the earrings, so she starts her gathering, as does Josh. The club slowly fills up, with, the Pixel Perfect gather in the arcade at the second floor, the A Cut Above members crowd the bar and the Prisim show off their Rainbow Group Dance, each in their own colour.

While Tiffany chugs down drink after drink and Sonya brings the rest of the crew to their private spot to skinny dip in the jacuzzi available, the Pixel Perfect are having a great time doing their thing upstairs. Cassandra is rather negleted, much like in their previous gathering, and yet noone seems to notice her as she plays by herself in the corner, and Josh does find a conflic for a bit there, as he does feel bad for Cassandra who's showing signs of having feelings for him, but Diego and him also had a thing the other night so he chooses to spend time with him instead. But he does feel a bit guilty, so he gathers the troop sto play with Cassandra, only for her to immedietly leave what she's doing, excluding her again.

The night is still young, the club is full and Rafa has finished work, and seeing it is a wild night, he call the Spin Masters to join in with the fun. Meanwhile, romance is sprouting between everyone: Josh tries to please Cassandra with some flirting, which unconfortably deslikes, and Sonya has spotted Dominic in the insane crowd that has gathered at the dancefloor and is ready to play. Even though it is against the rules of the Prisim, she approaches Dominic to talk to him, but later decides its better to meet in secrecy where no Prisim can interfere. On the dancfloor, Rafa and Candy also dance together, as he flirts with each other and attempts to by her a drink, which she refuses. The two have a friendly dance battle, which Candy wins due to her experience, but the two exclude themselves from the tiring crowd to stargaze for a while. Outside the Neon Lights, they lay at the street floor looking at the starts, getting closer and closer. Before calling it a night, Dina receives her Diamond Earrings and a huge crowd leaves the club, as Sonya struggles to keep up with Dominic, of so tired that she is, as are the rest of the roomates, completely exhausted after the insane night that had just come to an end.

The gang sleeps in the morning.