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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together, Episode 7
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get Together - Part 7 (Winter In Windenburg) is the 7th Part of the Get Together Let's Play. It is a special part as it is not filmed in regular gameplay mode using Live Mode, but instead is made of pre recordings with registered speech and cinematics.

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Archer shows his true feathers at a Pre-Christmas soiree when it is revealed that, 20 years ago, he cheated on Tricia with Amy Kurosawa, who he impregnated to gerate Kimiko, a deed he has kept secret since then. Meanwhile, Tiffany not only has gained an half-sister but Tricia's baby is also born just in time for Christmas.

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20 Years Ago

December 2, 1992;

Little Tiffany

Tricia hides she's pregnant from Archer.

A 25 year old Archer and Tricia are newly wed and are moving in to a new volumpcious mansion in the coutryside of Windenburg. Tricia is radiant with the mansion, but not so much with the fact that Archer refuses to have kids, but leaves for a bussiness trip for a week, leaving a secretly pregnant Tricia behind, quite coldly.

December 3, 1992;

Archer checks in on the Flamingo Hotel at Willow Creek, by Nancy Landgrabb herself, who announces that the elevator is out of order for the moment, offering a free drink to make up for it, which Archer accepts, claiming he never says no to a free drink. Meanwhile, a 24 year old Amy Kurosawa overhears the conversation and just has to agree, requesting for a free drink herself. The two approach to the bar where they meet and immedietly begging hitting on each other. When Amy asks Archer if he is single, he lies and tells her he is indeed, lying about his real name, claiming he's called David Clark. The two plan to meer in Amy's room to get to know each other better.

Archer The Cheater

Amy meets "David Clark" at the reception and starts flirting, unaware he's actually named Archer and is married.

So is done and the two end up woo-hooing and the same happens in the next few days, as they keep meeting more and more, while Archer makes promises he does not intend to pull through, such as promising to take Amy to Monte Vista, making actual love grow in her and playing with her feelings.

December 9, 1992;

Archer wakes up in Amy's room and leaves during the night, without saying anything. Later, Amy does too and wonders where he could've gone to, eventually coming to the conclusion that she was played like a puppet and left alone, which wrecks her emotionally as her love was real.

However, back in Windenburg, Archer falls back to Tricia's arms, who greets him with a suprise: she is pregnant of a baby girl. Archer does not take this well and starts yelling at her. When she shows him the new nursery he is rude to her and is generally discontent with the idea, breaking the dollhouse in the nursery and blaming it on Trisha's lach of caution.

August 14, 1993

In Windenburg, Tricia's in labour and a baby Tiffany is born.

September 17, 1993

In Willow Creek, Amy's also in labour, giving life to Kimiko Kurosawa.

20 Years Later, back to present day

December 11, 2015

Ugly Sweaters

Tiffany's not happy that Tricia has invited her roomates for the pre-Christmas soirée.

Tricia meets Tiffany at her apartement complex and asks her how she's been doing in her new home. She's excited to see that she's made friends, but Tiffany corrects her, telling her she really doesn't consider them friends, which upsets her mother, who scolds her for being inconsiderate. She then demands to have them introduces, which Tiffany properly does, and Tricia is happy to see everyone is so talented and gets along with them quite well. She mistakes Sonya for Eliza and even invites all of them for a pre-Christmas soiree in the 18th, as Christmas is popping up. Tiffany isn't too happy with the idea, but quickly conforms to it, inviting Sonya for some dress shopping.

December 18, 2015

At the Montgomery Mansion, the guest have arrived for the soiree, and each of Tiffany's friends has brought a few members from their clubs, so the place is really crowded. Even Siobhan has been invited. The roomates soon arrive and start interacting with the guests: Rafa continues on his trials to seduce Candy while Sonya tries to break loose of the friendzone between her and Dominic, and Joshua chats with both Cassandra and Diego.


Siobhan and Archer collectively mock Tiffany's option to follow a writing degree.

The dinner is ready and the banquit begins. At the table, Tiffany questions Tricia about the hospital where the baby is to be delivered, and she reveals it will be at the Arcadia Hospital, where an amazing Dr. Kurosawa works at. Diego hears this and immedietly assumes it must be his friend Kimiko, and reassures Tricia that she is in good hands. Archer, who overhears, is reminded of the name Kurosawa but cannot bring himself to remember where from. Distracted he Siobhan bragging about her career goals and achievements, which makes him confess his dissapointment with his own daughter Tiffany who's nowhere as successful or ambitious, as the literature degree she's taken is not prestigious enough for him. Sonya its it up with Dominic, realizing he's Siobhan's father, and Rafa also flirts a bit with Candy and, just as Diego explain's to Tricia her scientific discoveries and inventions, her waters break and Archer panicks.

In Willow Creek, Amy is also hosting a soiree with her family, Kimiko, Alfonso, and her grandaughter, Precious Kurosawa, as she expresses her pride in Kimiko's achievements. However, they leave in a rush because Precious is anxious to watch some Freezer Bunny back at home and Amy says goodbye to them. However, just as they leave, Kimiko gets a call from the hospital requesting her for a baby delivery, and Amy has apperently crashed a cold too, so she sees the opportunity to run to the hospital and get a prescription for her.


Amy and "David Clark" re-meet while Tricia is almost giving birth.

In the Arcadia Hospital at Magnolia Promenade, Amy is shocked to find "David Clark" standing there right in front of her, and Archer is just as distressed to see the words finally collapsing. Amy immedietly scolds him and reveals the truth about their past. Tricia is shocked and questions the meaning of everything that's going on so Amy reveals the story that happened 20 years prior, revealing that she also hired a private detective to to find Archer's whereabouts, to make things clean again, and had been wondering around Windenburg in hopes to find him. Archer denies everything, but everyone's against him and all he has to do is try to apologize, which fails as fight breaks out in the hospital when Amy attacks him, before Archer running away again.

All the present are indignated and upset, but Kimiko and Tiffany soon come to the realization that the two are half-sisters. While Kimiko is furious that they've been kept hidden from each other for so long, Tiffany isn't suprised at all. The two have some closure about their separate lives as Tiffany is happy that Archer is off from her life once and for all. Kimiko excuses herself and leaves to deliver the so awaited baby. Tricia is taken to the delivering bed and the baby is born.

Christmas Crossover

Christmas party at the Montgomery mansion.

Tiffany stares out into the nursery room of the hospital, looking at her new sister. Kimiko approaches her to tell her that the baby is all good, but she notices Tiffany is looking sad and questions her about. She responds that its because Archer had belittled her all her life and she is starting to believe him, as she just learned that Kimiko is so successful, with both a daughter and a stable career at the same age as her. Kimiko tells her not to worry about it and to live life as she wishes and do the things she likes, which in Tiffany's case is literature. So Kimiko recommends she shoud start writing books and fullfilling her dreams. She then shows her some pictures of Precious and the two hug it out, and despite the emotional rollercoaster from the last few days, they can at least they're happy they have a sister now.

Baby Cheryl

Baby Cheryl is celebrates her first Christmas.

It's Christmas day and everyone celebrates together: Kimiko has a good time with Alfonso, and even Gwen, Haleigh and Atena Lovelace are there, along with Diego, his son Xanatu, Precious and Tiffany. Amy's and Tricia's friendship grows and Tricia is happy with her newborn girl, Cheryl, and Tiffany and Kimiko are happy with each other, now that they both have sisters.

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