Modern Romance
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 10
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 10 (Modern Romance) is the 10th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

At the hospital, Kimiko has one heck of a day when one of her patients turns out to be Kai. However, Kai prooves all she's heard of him wrong when he reveals himself to have a soft side of a romantic suave art lover. Meanwhile, Diego and J are getting closer than ever and finally share their first kiss.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

At the hospital, Kimiko starts the work day right away, greeting Mortimer, who's apparently sick again, suprisingly, though not as much as the fact that Alfonso is actually taking the iniciative to work, given that he didn't do anything in the previous work days. She continues to make his check up, and then goes treat Malcom Landgraab, part of the richest family in town, and then checks Misael, who's also sick, in the weirdest way possible, by trying to reach from far away, since Alfonso is taking up all the space just chatting with the patient.

She takes iniciative and starts testing whatever needs to be tested at the chemistry lab in the hospital facility, before giving the prescripted medicine to Misael , since the results aren't helping too much.

She admits in some patients into the actual rooms, since neither the assistant nor Alfonso are doing anything, like little Alexander Goth. In the processes, she spies Kai in the queue, who's probably got majorly injured after his last meeting with Gwen. So she decides to approach him, despite Gwen's stories about him, in order to possible figure out if he's just as bad as she paints him, and brings him to an examination bed to see what's up, taking care of him, giving him food. However, Kai is acting completely differently than Gwen claimed before, being friendly to Kimiko and revealing that he is a romantic music lover, much to her shock. There's some clear chemistry between the two and Kimiko wonders if she'd ever have a chance with him, if things don't work out with Alfonso or Don. However, they're interrumpted by Royce, the doctor, and gives Kai the diagnosis, which indicates he has the Llama Flu, so Kimiko gives him the flu shot.

At home, Gwen gives Kimiko the great news, she's been promoted to corporal, while Diego invites J over again to head to a book store in the bussiness district, where they become good friends, eating together and just chatting it out, doing some casual window shopping. Diego spies Mortimer bying a love book, probably because his and Bella's relationship gets worse by the day.

Diego finally builds up the courage to get more action with J, flirting with him big time and confessing his attraction, which J is totally feeling, so much that the two go ahead and have their first kiss. It's getting late, but Diego invites him to stay the night and have a little sleepover.

At home, Diego watches the stars as Gwen gets closer with the idea of painting, and Kimiko head out yet again for her regular dose of collectible digging. She comes home exhausted, but the new Easter eggs for her collection pays off the hard work.

Retail Lots Showcased Edit

  • Unnamed - by cg_captain

Notes Edit

Milestones Edit

  • Diego and J have their first kiss.

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