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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 12
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 12 (Power & Control) is the 12th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

After Diego's tiresome day at the lab, the girls of the house go out for some shopping until night falls, and Gwen, inspired by the bussinesses surrounding her, decides to buy her own plot of land. However, Kimiko has to go to the hospital where she is getting bigger roles and even has another encounter with Kai, much to Alfonso's jealousy. Luckily, she's able to rest back at home where the roomies have a little get together with Bella and J, who rudely rejects Diego's request for them to start dating, and Kimiko decides to invite over Kai and give him a chance, which he clearly doesn't take since he suprisingly starts being mean to her and less mellow. That is, until Gwen realizes he's there and expels him from the house for good.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's still Monday on the household, and Diego is feeling kind of sick from his day at work, so Kimiko and Gwen decide to go on a girl's afternoon out.

They head into the shopping district to do some window shopping, since they're trying to collect enough money for possibly purchasing their very own retail lot, inspired by the influx in bussiness lately on Oasis Springs, but they do visit a very classy boutique. Gwen is really needing to use the restroom, but that doesn't stop the girls to try some clothes. They then head to the art store nextdoors, which actually has bathrooms so Gwen is in paradise, however the same can't be said for Kimiko who's dissapointed that the store is empty. and not even a cashier seems to be present.

However, Gwen feels inspired to buy the plot of land that will enable them to build their very own retail building too, so through the phone she looks for the best option and finds an affordable one in Magnolia Promenade. She heads to there directly, but just to give it a look, so soon she's back home to her easle.

It's time for Kimiko to go to the hospital, and she's ready to work her socks off to hopefully gain another promotion. This time around she is able to calibrate an X-ray machine, new territory for her, and then experiences her first body scan, while continuing to analyse a patient.

But it isn't too long before she's done, so she goes back into the main hall to check for the queue and finds Kai within the crowd yet again. Since she's taken a liking of him, she takes him first, doing her first ever X-ray scan to him, only to receive some inconclusive resutlts, so she takes him to the examination rooms. Her takes care of him and analyzes him once again, while Alfonso kind of stares, possibly due to jealousy. The results continue to be inconclusive, so she resorts to scan him too, interrupting Alfonso's little conversation with Kai, and even when Kimiko makes way to him, he is still eavesdropping the two. In the end, Kai goes home without be treated, as does Kimiko once her shift is over.

At home, Gwen decides to invite Bella over since the two haven't seen each other in a while. Bella agrees and meets with Gwen on the road, so the two have a good time talking with each other, even though Bella is feeling rather bored. Diego comes home too, with a promotion that makes him a tinkerer, but he starts baking right away: a good old bread.

Bella and Gwen go watch some romantic series in their penguin TV, but Bella is being a little inconvenient and standing in front of the TV, but the two quickly settle down for a while, before Gwen decides to go paint a little. Meanwhile the bread is done, and Diego also needs some romance so her invites over J to join the get together, in hopes to actually get serious and maybe start dating. The first thing he does, however, is asking for a bit of his DNA, which J gives him. But the two chat a bit. Kimiko is feeling lonely, seeing everyone with a friend, so she invites Kai over so she can bond a bit more with him, especially now that Gwen is distracted with bothe Bella and her paintings.

So she calls him and he comes over, angry as usual, so Kimiko goes calm him down. She brings him inside just as Bella decides to leave, but Kai just keeps feeling more angry, which is new to Kimiko, who he had only been nice and cool towards all this time. Meanwhile, J and Diego are getting closer and are definetly way off the friend scale, so Diego goes ahead and asks him to be his boyfriend, however, J is non-commital so he rejects it.

Back to Kimiko and Kai, who are still pretty secluded from everyone, in the hall, Kai is starting to behave like a jerk towards Kimiko, being mean and yelling to her, due to the fact that he wasn't properly treated at the hospital earlier. However, Gwen hears the familiar voice and heads up to him, socked that he'd ever show up in her house, and beats him up again, in an intense fight. Kimiko just heads up to him and asks him to leave the house, after he completely makes a turn in her mindset. J goes away too, off with the two guests that were nothing but toxic the whole night.

Retail Lots Showcased Edit

  • Unnamed Classy Boutique - by Foggy2406
  • Unnamed Art Store -

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