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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 13
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 13 (Watch Your Back) is the 13th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When Gwen goes back to the P.D., her boss Cooper isn't too satisfied with the ruckus she's been creating, in fights and conflicts with Kai, and warns her that at the smallest mistake he might just fire her, leaving Gwen with the promise to get so much success she'll one day replace him as chief. Despite this, Gwen ascends professionally when she finally solves a case through suspect interrogation.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

Gwen is working at the Police Departement, finishing up on her latest case, trying to tie up the ends on finding the young black haired criminal, by finding more clues about them. She must speak with the chief before doing so, though, and runs into Kai in the chief's office. However, like usually, Cooper is cranky and not satified with Gwen's work at all, threatening her to remove away her badge. She maybe understands that she has been involved in a few fights during shifts, but its all Kai's fault and she has no idea whatever could be behind Cooper's continuous sass towards her. She has had it with his antics and promises to herself that one day she'll be the chief of the departement and show him what's good, and continues collecting the clues from the case and completing the board, discovering that the person she's looking for is a male wearing jeans, debunking the theory that Bella could be behind it. However, it's not enough, so she heads to the crime scene to take one more look.

In the crime scene, she searches for clues around and finds them, supplying her with several more evidence that she analyzes, meeting detective Graham Cavazos, which totally gives Gwen an idea: instead of Kai, who Kimiko seems to be interested on, she should totally introduce Graham to Kimiko, possibly setting the two up, especially after the previous evening's little chaos (which Gwen reckons is blamed on the fact that Kai was not cured by Kimiko on the hospital, earlier in the day) and due to Gwen's personal dislike towards him. However, duty still calls and she discovers that she must look for someone with a short sleeved shirt, who's also a loner. So with that, she goes look for the suspect right away.

In the library in Willow Creek, she finds Alfonso, who almost fits all the discriptions, and is worried for a second, but then finds Milo Darling, who turns out to be actually guilty. However, she must interrogate him for further proof of that and plays in typical Gwen style, she plays bad cop, intimidating him with horrid stories from prison, completely wild. Turns out Milo really is gilty, so she takes him behind the bars and calls it a day.

Back at home she discovers that Kimiko has been promoted to a medical technilogist. However, Kimiko takes Diego and J out for some window shopping, to a little boutique, however, they quickly get bored and Diego has the idea to visit their recently adquired plot of land and possibly start working on a small retail shop, where, along with Kimiko and Gwen, he plans on selling some of Gwen's paintings and also the many collectibles Kimiko has adquired over the ages, planning a grand opening on Saturday, that is in three days.

Retail Lots Showcased Edit

  • Unnamed Boutique - MythNerd

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