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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 14
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 14 (Bun Bun) is the 14th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When Kimiko finally finishes her Easter egg hunt by finding every egg, she's rewarded with a pleasant suprise, a giant bunny plushie, Bun Bun. Meanwhile, Diego finally upgrades DA BOOTY 2000, making it also transform objects, and Gwen has finally started storing her paintings to sell in the store.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's Wednesday night and Diego has just arrived from assembling the new purshased shop, ready to head to work, studying his analyzing skills and actually having an idea for an hovering lamp. Gwen continues to paint and Kimiko continues to search for collectibles around town, both to supply the close-to opening store with items for sale. Luckily to Kimiko, she finds the last Easter egg in her hunt, after a whole night of scavanging, only to loose it right away in the nearby amenities.

It's morning though and everyone is enjoying their free time in the morning, before Diego heads to the Labs, where it's collection day, and he's requested to also scavange items all around the landscape. Luckily, he does find free time to upgrade DA BOOTY 2000, upgrading it to also transform objects, either than just freeze. He decides to test transforming a chair, where Cadem is sitting, again, defeated by DA BOOTY. However, duty calls and he's requested to tender the greenhouse, but he strangely contracts the Gas & Giggles illness, continuing to test the ray and negleting the state he's in. He even goes outside to a nearby pond to fish for a while and collect the fish, which triggers a breakthrough to him, that gives him an idea for

At home, Gwen has finally been promoted to be a detective, finally climbing the ladder high enough to come on terms with Kai, and is already on the path to get promoted again, since she has been working extra hard to proove Chief Cooper's comments wrong. Meanwhile, Kimiko is finally rewarded from her hard work of searching for the Easter eggs and receives a giant bunny rabbit plush, Bun Bun, who she will pass down to her descedant once she has one.

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