Poor Pedro
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 15
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 15 (Poor Pedro) is the 15th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

A day full of dillemas for Kimiko. As the grand opening approaches, Kimiko's nerves are on hedge when not only is she now "gifted" with a rather chatty assistant, since Alfonso has been promoted to doctor, but she also has some missadventures relating to giving out wrong medicines to kids and anxiety over having kids of her own.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's finally Friday and the day of the grand opening is aproaching, so Gwen is working on stocking the shop with the most beautiful works of art.

However, it is Kimiko who goes to work, in the hospital, where she starts working the second she gets there, diagnosing Mortimer yet again, who is sick in his ducky PJ's like usual. However, Kimiko is shocked to find that Alfonso no longer works as a nurse on the hospital and instead has been replaced with sassmaster Kingston Covingtin, who starts immedietly talking smack about Kimiko to her face, as she treat a little boy, Pedro Buckley. Luckily, Kimiko is patient and just ignores Kingston remarks, and moves on to figure out what's wrong with poor Pedro.

When treating Pedro and taking his symptoms into analyzes, she runs into Alfonso in the lab and finds that he has been promoted to a doctor. In the heat of the emotion, she finds herself flirting with him. When she's done with the analyzes, she carries on with her investigation over Pedro, diagnosing him with Llama Flu, and gives him a vaccine to cure him. However, Pedro passes out on the bed and Kimiko realizes she has made a fatal mistake: she has given him the wrong diagnosis. She moves on to Mortimer's diagnosis, while Pedro rests, but is interrupted by a work emergency: the parmaceuthical lab has sent in confidential tissue samples that requeire Kimiko's analysis and fast. However, she's determined to finish with Mortimer, and diagnosis him with bloaty head, after intense analysis, but luckily she gets it right this time. Guess she shouldn't have trusted her guts with Pedro and let the testing decide.

She runs to the reception to get the emergency tissues, where she spies Kai in the queue yet again, but ignores him to not allow him to treat her like the last time they met. She heads to the labs instead, with way better company, and tests the confidential tissues. As she does this, she sees Pedro walk out of the hospital, rather dizzy and sloppy, and feels bad. But she continues with her job, as Kingston does nothing. She goes get another kid, Moses Mattingly and give him an X-ray test, but fails to recognize the results and makes yet another kid unimpressed, making Kimiko feel more and more embarrassed and starts doubting her doctor skills. But she won't let anything drag her down and continues her work, determined as ever to cure Moses, despite Kingston's antics of talking to himself in empty rooms while thinking about money. However, no matter what she does to Moses, the diagnosis never seems to be conclusive, but she ends up diagnosing him with starry eyes, which is correct, treating him just as the day ends.

At home, Kimiko starts daydreaming about a date with eithet Alfonso, Don, Kai or the hot detective Gwen has mentioned, but she has yet to choose one. Meanwhile, Gwen decides to get distracted with the group and head out to see some more of the stores around town, including a bakery where nobody is at, strangely.

However, Kimiko is really stressed out because her and her family oriented self are anxious to have a child but she still doesn't have a boyfriend she could have a kid with, and is definetly rooting for a date anytime soon, however, the opening of the store takes priority and Saturday keeps getting closer, as it comes the next day.

Retail Lots Showcased Edit

  • Unnamed Cute Bakery - by mariekevv93

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