Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 16
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 16 (Fuego) is the 16th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

It's the eve of the opening and everyone is busy, especially Diego who has taken some time to settle down and test his updater DA BOOTY 2000, accidently causing a fire that only makes everyone more tense. Nothing that a good night of sleep can't fix though, as everyone wakes up fresh in the next day and Gwen takes lead, gathering the troops of all their acquaintances to come help in the pre-opening preparations, making the store look ready for bussiness.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's Friday night, the eve of the grand opening, and the gang is feeling excited and nervous too. Gwen makes last touches to her paintings while Kimiko makes one last stroll through the neibourhood, on her classical search for collectibles. On this search, she refinds the egg she had previouly lost and finally puts it next to the other eggs on the shelves on the end of the hall, but takes a last look at it and realizes that maybe it's time to share her collection with the world and add it for sale in the shop. Even Chef Gino is taken to be given to a better family. Luckily, Kimiko finds a new figure of him, so no emotional value is lost.

Diego, who has been developing his testing skills on the chemistry table, decides to make some more tests on the updated DA BOOTY 2000 and goes into the main hall to transform a plant and see what comes out of it. However, it's nothing pleasant, when something goes wrong and the ray waves ignite a flame that burns the plant and starts a fire in the center of the house. Everybody panics but Diego has got it cover. Using the same tecnology that started it, her puts the fire out using the freezing feature of the SimRay, saving everyone. However, the mood in the house is tense, probably not the most approapriate mood for the eve of such an important date. Yet, Diego has given up and makes a last test, which is now successful, and then heads to sleep, as do everyone else.

To make up for the mess, Diego wakes up early to mthe girls some mac&cheese, on such as special date for both of them. Before heading to the shop to preparate everything, Gwen calls in fake sich, in regular Gwen fashion, but she isn't able to pull it off, so she just takes a vacation day instead. She brings a buncho of people to come to help, pretty much everyone they have history with, from Kai, Mortimer and Misael, to Don and J. Everyone gathers up at the store entrance to help decorate it. Gwen heads in a takes charge so in the end, the lot that was once empty except for a mediocre set of registering machine is now filled with colour and light, with eggs, MySim figures (that Kimiko pretends are crafted by herself) and Gwen's paintings, even a manequin to sell some clothing. Gwen goes ahead and sets everything for sale preparing everything just right for the grand opening, since it's almost 9am, the regular opening hour.

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