Date Night
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 18
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 18 (Date Night) is the 18th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Kimiko finally makes a decision and chooses sweet Alfonso over Kai, inviting him on a casual date that turns into a nightout for everyone in the household, as Diego finally gets steady with J and the two start dating and Gwen not only makes progress with Bella and now Haleigh, but also adds a new person into the mix, Dina, one of the most desired bachelorettes in town. Luckily for everyone, they all have a great night and Kimiko and Alfonso start dating as well, tying the ends to the division drama.

Sims Edit

  • Kimiko Kurosawa
  • Diego Moreno
  • Gwen Lovelace
  • Kai Neves
  • Mortimer Goth
  • Misael Buckley
  • J Huntingon III
  • Don Lothario
  • Nina Caliente
  • Bella Goth
  • Haleigh Lovelace
  • Eliza Pancakes (debut - important role debut)
  • Meredith Walls

Plot Edit

The three friends are home from the grand opening, tiring as it was, and Kimiko has finally made her mind. Kai is simply not interested in her and is leaving her too much in the dark, and the last straw was the previous ditch at the start of the ceremony, so she has decided that Alfonso is the one she actually wants in her life. She decides to go on a date with him, that night, but it turns into kind of a nightout when Gwen and Diego join in on the fun and bring their aquaintaces all together.

They all meet at the Sun Club, a fancy piano night club where they are sure to have a good night. Kimiko is especially happy to see Alfonso arrive, in some pink shades, but he's not the only one as Haleigh and Bella are there too, and even infamous Eliza, who's well known for her weird creepiness. However, they're dissapointed to find the bar has no barista what so ever, but Gwen is confident on herself, and proposes she takes the role instead, settling behind the bar, all while Meredith, one of Diego's fellow scientists, hits the place and starts spreading havock, littering around while thinking about Gwen, an obvious criminal. But Gwen is not on duty and definetly wants to have fun instead, so she chats with Haleigh and Bella at the same time, while Kimiko starts heading the flirty side with Alfonso, something she's never tried, and he seems to appreciate it.

The crowd starts to get down, and J and Diego just hang out in the bar, and Gwen learns new things about Haleigh, discovering that, just like Diego, she's a scientist too. Meanwhile, Kimiko and Alfonso, with a drink on hand, get flirty with each other, and it seems that Alfonso is just as into Kimiko as she is into him, since in the heat of the moment the two end up having their first kiss. Kimiko looses no time, and asks him to be her boyfriend, and Alfonso thinks it just makes sense now that they've shared this enjoyable moment. The dancefloor is crazy, and both J and Diego and Gwen and Haleigh are getting along quite well, until the inevitable depart, where both her pertendents leave the club. However, Gwen is full of drinks in her system and is confident, as she spies with her little eye none other than one of the two most popular bachelorettes in town: Nina Caliente. The two meet at the bar and start chatting right away, conversing about Woo-Hoo in classical Caliente style, as Alfonso passes out in a couch. Besides the happy ladies, two happy gentlemen talk too, and flirt, as J almost hits his head during a passionate kiss and despises Diego's attempts at poetry seduction. But Diego finally gathers the courage to ask J the big-time question, will he also be his boyfriend. Luckily, J says yes this time and the two are excited to start on their actual relationship.

The club soon gets empty and the three friends go back home, two of them with steady relationships and the other one with a new character in the love triangle, that is now a love square.

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