Ladies In Red
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 19
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 19 (Ladies In Red) is the 19th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Gwen's mind is a twist of spontaneous when she decides that, with Haleigh in the equation, maybe she'll terrorize Bella's life instead, destroying her marriage for fun, so she invites her out, along with the other two recently formed couples, into a bar to finish the weekend in a good note, by seducing her even more. The two finally share a kiss and Gwen is looking foreward to take it foreward and invites her to stay the night at her house.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's Sunday morning and Gwen is still feeling great about last night's events, so she decides to go ahead and get on her paintings again, specially now that they're so popular among the town. Kimiko is also up, and tries inviting Alfonso over, but he's busy with something else, so she goes work on the chemistry lab, while Diego digs himself in the book world.

Gwen's perspective on Bella has changed though. Even though she was always majorly attracted to her money, Bella has done enough harm to her, like spreading disease or just messing with her, so her motives are different, She now plans to force her to leave her "happy" family dynamic and make her miserable instead, to take vengeance on Mortimer and Bella's coldness, besides she does love mischief, and now that Haleigh is in the equation... This plans give her inspiration so she continues to make progress on her paintings. It is getting close to lunchtime, so once she's done with the paintings, so she decides to finally tie the ends of the knot and seduce Bella for good, by inviting her out but she claims to be busy.

J has also come to make a visit to Deigo, who comes to the door and greets him, finding none other than Bella jogging a bunch, so he tells Gwen who comes over to her, and actually also finds Haleigh walking on the parallel road, walking miserably, with her head down. Bella however, is acting very strange and in a rush to get out of there, but Gwen forces her to stay and visit a local Tiki Bar, bringing the two new couples J and Diego and Alfonso and Kimiko with them too.

At the bar, Bella is bored, so Gwen psyckes her up with some music, while Diego finds a very strategically placed wood-working table and decides to craft something for J, and Gwen just converses with Bella, making jokes and goofing around, swiping away her boreness. Then, she heads into the flirty side and starts charming Bella, even Bella is starting to be really into her, even sharing their first kiss. However, they've spent the entire afternoon at the bar and evening is coming, so the group decides to go home, but not before Gwen disperses to check out some more stores, like an amazing photo studio and café combo, where Bella and Haleigh hanging out together, with Dina Caliente, Nina's sister and the other most desired bachelorette, and a chique photostudio and grocery store, where she finds an amazing camera and photography set, and since nobody is around, she calls out Kimiko and Diego in so they can have a little photoshoot. After the photo session they head back home.

They put the printed photographs in frames and spread it all around the house, and since the majority of them are of Gwen, she looks like a mega vain woman with photos all around. And then she decides to use the rest of the night to seduce Bella and invite her over.

Retail Lost Showcased Edit

  • Unnamed Photostudio and Cafe - by TheChocolateKing
  • Unnamed Grocery and Photostudio Combo - by sammyannie123

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