Bladder Epidemic
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 21
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 21 (Bladder Epidemic) is the 21st Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Kimiko is ready to get her life going and at night pulls Alfonso to privacy and proposes to him, ending up engaged with him. On the other hand, Diego got engaged too, but with his evil side, when he decides to rebel his work schedule and set chaos all throughout the Labs, when he creates a satellite dish, making his co-workers have a sudden bladder epidemic, then pass out and then get angry, really embracing the mischief that his job enables him to do. However, he also learns about what seems to be an ancient secret, when the satellite also grants his electronics at home to receive some strange channels, which seem to indicate the existance of alien presence.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's night of the Monday and Diego daydreams of his plans to have his own special room, installed in the basement so he can do all his experiments secluded from everyone. On the other hand, Kimiko is all about socializing, so she invites Alfonso over. Once he's in the house, Kimiko takes him to a nearby garden for some privacy and gets down on her knee to propose. Excited, Alfonso obviously sais yes, despite how rushed everything is being taken in that relationship. But the two makeout of how much love they feel, though Kimiko makes out with Alfonso's infamous moustache more than anything else.

At the yard, Gwen has finished a rather hideous painting which she definetly is selling at the shop, especially since it seems to be considered a masterpiece, and inside the house, Diego is brainstorming at the shower, and carries his thoughts to the serum-making table, where he writes down an interesting idea: a special satellite dish that alters the surroundings in radical ways, all while Gwen and Alfonso chat about what seems to be the woo-hoo life, which Gwen is definetly OK with talking about. However, Diego is so estatic to put make the satellite his newest invention and rushes to head to the labs as soon as possible.

At the SimLabs, Diego notices that his work schedule is giving him rather strange work orders, so he defies the schedule and heads immedietly to the I.C., more than ready to turn his idea from paper to reality. Like always, the I.C. is loyal and fast and Diego has his special satellite dish in no time.

He looses no time and explores the strange abilities of the satellite, choosing one of the options: Bladder Epidemic. Inside the lab building, the satellite is on and working, shooting a purple beam of radiation in the air, which disturbs everyone, except him, making their bladders full, with urgency to go to the bathroom. Everyone all of a sudden rushes to the bathrooms, but Diego is feeling extra michievious this day, and is ready to set havock, breaking the two toilets that the labs have to offer.

However, he notices that Laurie has also been affected by the beam, and feels sorry for his dear friend, so fixes up a bathroom just for her, glamorous as glamorous can be. But it seems Laurie is oblivious to his kindness as she still tries to find a way to relief her bladder. Diego starts feeling really bad and start to be more blatant in his attempts to help Laurie, but she ends up peeing herself. His respect for Laurie just hit a boost, because he realizes that he ceased the only toilet she had, just for her, to her friends out of kindness and selflessness. Nonetheless, chaos has been spread, as co-workers run around and the lab is pretty much deserted, with pee puddles here and there.

He tests some serums and ends up testing one of his Red Hot serums, which makes him furious, so he is compelled to irritate Cadem, and fights him with his wrath, trowing a drink and even pretending to fire him. But that is child's play for Diego, so he uses DA BOOTY 2000 to freeze Cadem, not caring at all. But duty calls, and he finds all the distressed co-workers at one of the lab rooms, where he brags to Joel, who's actually happy for him, but not enough to give him his requested metal. However, someone should have told him not to mess with Diego now, and just like Cadem, his frozen in place. Hopefully, this has scared Misael enough that he will give Diego a metal instead.

He takes a look at the schedule, which tells him to use the satellite to prevent alien abductions, which Diego is shocked to see, but goes ahead and prevent said "alien abductions", specially since he's a bit skeptic. But now that he's next to the satellite again, and since he's oh-so furious, he sets chaos again, by choosing the Knockout option, which turns out to make everyone but him pass out on the floor. Even some tourists that have crowded around the place have fell asleep on their picnic, so Diego takes advantage and goes steal some burgers.

Once the effect has drained, he continues to mix some serums, as well as working according to what his schedule tells him, but there's a void in him that is really needing some more chaos, maybe just for today. So he takes use of his new satellite, yet again, and selects the Angry Town option, which, again, makes everyone but him furious, as a revenge for his bad experience with the Red Hot serum before. But everyone's a bit apathetic, so little effects are seen, so instead he decides to have a little fun at other's expense by making them get down on the spot, by selecting the Dance Party option. However, combined with their annger, they all do the angriest dance possible.

But the quest for the crystal isn't over, and when he gets back to Joel, who has thawed, and gives him a second chance of handing him a crystal. He still doesn't , so he gets another taste of DA BOOTY 2000. But his shift is over and he takes the satellite dish home with him, to place it straight on the front yard.

At home, it seems that Kimiko has been promoted to an assistant nurse, but Diego is desperate for fun, despite the hilarious day at the Labs, and is shocked to discover that the TV is recepting a weird channel, which only broadcasts some strange green creatures in their daily life, could they be the aliens mentioned at the lab? He's confused, but mostly stressed, so he decides to visit J, who lives nextdoor. He is actually desperate for woo-hoo, so he literally barges in and calls him to the bedroom and the two woo-hoo for the first time. He actually ends up falling asleep, while J watches him, rather creeply. However, it seems that all the love has gotten him inspired when he comes up with the idea for a snake oil serum.

But soon he gets back home, to his oh-so sweet satellite and gets to sleep right away.

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