New Hospital
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 22
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The Wedding

Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 22 (New Hospital) is the 22nd Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Kimiko is ectastic that Alfonso and her got engaged, so much that she couldn't have more energy to give in the day of work at the hospital, which seems to have been revamped in her absence, and is now much smaller and more quaint. She works her heart off for her patients, all while also preparing everything for the upcoming wedding. The wedding is getting steady and the invites are sent, and in a nice afternoon where the sun is setting, the wedding reception begins.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's really early on a Wednesday and Kimiko is already planning the things to get married this day, of how excited she is to get steady. But her work calls and she needs to head to the Willow Creek hospital, where she works, and finds that it has been completely revamped when she was gone. It is now much smaller and everything is closer to everything, which can be an asset. But she really wants to work as hard as she can and she's driven by the fact that she is about to become the wife of Alfonso, who is still a doctor at the hospital, but has started to get ideas of trying something new.

So Kimiko heads to visit the patients and finds the hospital full of familiar faces, Kai is sick, again, it seems he hasn't given up on Kimiko, and Mortimer is there too, even Haleigh. She goes ahead and treat all of her patients, being the good nurse she's starting to become, taking diagnosis and everything. She finds that Haleigh has a bloaty head, and gives her the curative shot, and that Mortimer has Gas & Giggles. But while curing all these patients, she starts feeling a little sick herself, with a scratching feeling all over her body. Luckily she's at an hospital so she can easily find a medicine, which she does and chugs down right away.

But the day full of work has made her too exhausted and it's already almost dinner time when she gets home, so Kimiko almost falls asleep in her bed. But the fact that she's so close to marrying her dream guy, Alfonso, fills her with energy and she takes the time to continue planning everything for the wedding. She invites over as many friends and aquantances as she can, such as Gwen and Diego, obviously, the Goths, J and Don, Alfonso's doppleganger Adan, Haleigh and Kai, and some other people like Arvin McGraw, Dina´s mom Katrina Caliente and Lacie Buckley, and chooses to have the wedding on a sweet wedding venue, Villa De Amor.

It cuts to the actual start of the wedding, as the sun sets and the guests are arriving, as well as some curious locals which have decided to gather around.

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