The Wedding
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 23
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 23 (The Wedding) is the 23th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

It's Kimiko's and Alfonso's wedding and, even though some of the guests can be a bit silly at times, the wedding rolls out amazingly and everyone has fun, with plenty of food, drinks and dancing. When they arrive home, Diego finds that his satellite has been activated to contact aliens and doesn't quite know what to make of it, while Kimiko and Alfonso are busy on their first night, where they woo-hoo and turns out Kimiko gets out of it pregnant, at last.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

The reception is on and all the guest have gathered at the venue. The ceremony starts right away and, as the guests sit on the appropriate sits, after rudely ignoring the exchange of vows happening right in front of their noses. Gwen in specific is inspired by this beautiful love story and gets the easel she has brought with her and start painting the scene, so the whole cerimony is imortalized. But despite the guests not being sensible enough to colaborate, Kimiko and Alfonso are still living one of the most important moments of their lives and are definetly enjoying it.

Once they're oficially married, their moods boost up and it's time to cut the first slice of the wedding, which was baked by Bob Pancakes, the caterer, which is really underwhelming, seeing it is a Fun-Fetti cake with fancy decoration. The happy couple cuts the cake and then proceeds to exchange a slice. But Kimiko's duty as the hostess means she must be nice to the guests and thank them for coming, even if it means people such as Kai.

Gwen is doing pretty well on her painting and actually concludes, but the couple wants other ways for their marriage imortalized so they request Diego's help to take some photographs of them together. Once they're done they start to make the party alive: the music starts pumping, the drinks start rolling and the guests have fun. Alfonso, Kimiko and Gwen are the first to venture into the dancefloor and start dancing together, only to be soon joined by J and Kai. Kai's presence annoys Gwen who, due to her respect for Kimiko, leaves him instead of fighting and joins Diego on the drinks.

On the other side of the venue, in the staff room, Bob is rolling with the cooking and has since then made a bunch of cupcakes and even an hamburger cake, the more greedy guests gather around these appetizers and some are chatting at the aisle. However, when the food is taken to the main cerimony room, everyone gathers at the tables and some gather at the bar eating cupcakes, instead of wedding drinks, which makes for quite the sight. But the main gang decides to call it a night and hit the dancefloor one last time, and even Mortimer joins in on the fun.

Kimiko, Diego, Gwen and now Alfonso, who came to live in the house now, arrive home, where Diego finds that his satellite dish has been activated and is sending contact waves to the sky. The waves soon stop and it turns out that the dish was actually contacting aliens. But inside the house, Kimiko and Alfonso are getting it on on their first night as a couple and obviously woo-hoo in their room. But after they're done, Kimiko looses no time and takes a pregnancy test right away, revealing that she's actually pregnant. Finally, she is going to have her first child like she wanted. Kimiko couldn't be in a better mood.

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