Indecent Exposure
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 24
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 24 (Indecent Exposure) is the 24th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Turns out that aliens do exist and Diego is their pray, when, attracted by the satellite's beam, they abduct Diego and keep him for the whole morning, doing all times of things on him that seem to amuse him quite a lot, due to his love for science. Alfonso has also decided to quit his job as a doctor and embrace his love for bussiness, and what better way to start it up then with a visit to the shop, where loads of money is made from all of Gwen' masterpieces and even a small toilet is bought to satisfy the costumer's needs, albeit it being on the front porch.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

After Kimiko's news that she is pregnant, Diego finds an interesting light shining on the front yard and desides to go check out what it is. Turns out the light is shining from an alien UFO that is floating over the house, attracted by the waves released from the satellite. The beam centers on Diego and pulls him up into the ship, releasing him shortly after, in the morning again. Though scared, Diego's interest in science makes him excited on the idea of the confirmation of alien life and after seeing all the alien technology around him is really interesting him. In fact, he returns after being tested on and used some sort of machinery on more interested than intriged.

Meanwhile, noone in the house seemed to notice what happened, and Alfonso decides to freshen up his life, now that he's married and left his house, and quits his job at the hospital, enrolling on the bussiness career instead. He's also quite happy that, now that he's joined the household he has inherited a bit of the household bussiness and can actually start helping out on the store. In fact, Gwen has just finished her latest painting, which turns out to be a masterpiece, so it's definetly going to the shop.

Gwen and Diego head off to work, so the house is all on Kimiko and Alfonso, who head to the promenade and visit the store, to open for the day. Kimiko learns that Alfonso and Haleigh were also friends prior to the two meeting, which is real interesting, but the job at the shop calls and so they out Gwen's paintings for sale and install a toilet on the front porch simply because if they're going to be the whole day at the shop it will be usefull later, even to the costumers, since they didn't use to have one in the lot.

The store is open ande eventually Bella come over again, as does Dina Caliente, Don and a load of other costumers. In fact, it's Dina who buys one of the masterpieces, and gets the job a lot of money, while Bella buys yet another painting too. In fact the sales are going well, the paintings are being sold and Kimiko's biggest challenge so far is an indecisive little child, Moses, who is taking more than usual to convince, and ends up being the first one to use the toilet in the porsch, without pudity.

Moses ends up buying the infamous ugly pop-art painting made by Gwen, but Haleigh and another batch of new costumers have arrived and are ready to make purchases. In fact, Haleigh turns out to be the one buying the Diego Booty painting that Gwen made a few time ago. All this buying has made Kimiko very hungry so she goes home, while Alfonso stays at the shop taking care of things, but luckily Gwen has stopped by to give some aid too, and comes with the news that she has been promoted to a senior detective. She's excited to see that Dina is there, and the too did spend some time together the last time she went out, so she immedietly tries to sell one of the paintings to her.

The day is pretty much over and the two friends close the shop, with a total profit of over 5,000 Simoleons, which is more than any of them could have wished for. They return home, loaded with money that might just make Diego's dreams of having a basement come true.

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