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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 25
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 25 (New Shades) is the 25th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Diego is starting to worry about his health, since his belly is starting to have some strange reactions, but who has reasons to be worried is Gwen. Whe she's handed the case of Vivian Lewis horrid murder, she discovers that the murderer is none other than Haleigh, in what seems to be an attempt to impress her. She's shocked but she must admit: she's quite fond of this new side of her.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

Alfonso wakes uo and its Friday morning, he's got his long hair cut and goes take a shower for work. Kimiko, in fact, has already left for the hospital and Gwen decides to start a new batch of paintings, since they all sold out the day before at the shop.

Diego has taken the morning to work on some testing and developing his logic and scientist skill, but it's during this work that he comes across some weird metamorphosis, when he belly starts glowing ominously, much to his worry. He has no idea whatever could have just happened, but all he knows is that his belly has gotten huge out of a sudden. But Gwen is developing on her painting making, as she finishes one and starts another one, but she's needed at the Police Departement so she heads out for work.

At P.D. she has to start another case, so that Cooper doesn't stress, and since she's now a detective she's ready to jump heads first into work. She goes ahead and travel to the crime scene, which turns out to be the bar that Diego took J to, and the same bar where Gwen was finally able to conquer Bella's heart. She takes a few witness reports, until she notices a ghost in the place, the ghost of Vivan Lewis. The crime investigated must've been her murder, clearly, which is exciting for Gwen, who promises to avenge her death. While investigating the place, she finds a suspicious box of matches, probably the weapon of the crime. Poor Vivian must have been burned alive. Since it's a bar, Gwen also grabs a drink, a total boss as she work with a drink in her hand. More matches are found, next to some elder hair.

She has plenty of clues, so she returns to the P.D., deducing a few clues to punish the terrible ner'-do-well criminal. She analyzes the clues and gets some results, while new technitian Dylan is a jerk and judges her, concluding that the criminal is an insane female adult with brown hair that's wearing a short sleeved shirt and a skirt.

She goes on patrol looking for whoever could be this horrible murderer. While performing an all points bulletin which takes her to the Magnolia Blossom park, she notices Haleigh playing chess and approaches her, but as she's walking towards her she realizes that she fits the discription perfectly: brown hair, the clothing items, age and gender, she's in complete shock. And the worst part is that she can see right through her, it was clearly to get Gwen's attention. And while Gwen is flattered and does like Haleigh, she sees herself forced to arrest Haleigh, as she must please Cooper as much as she can.

She takes the her to the interrogation table, and Haleigh is rather angry Gwen is carrying the proceedures but enjoys the attention, and Gwen is actually quite attracted to this side of Haleigh, so rebellious and full of anarchy like herself. But the proceedures have to be made so the interrogation is carried on. Gwen goes bad cop immedietly, like usual, but neither of them seem too commited, flirting in the middle and seeing as they know each other it is kind of akward. But all of these things are making the interrogation tougher and Gwen's shift is ending, so Haleigh has to be appreended for the night and spend it at the P.D., since Gwen, who's in charge of the case, heads back home.

At home, Diego's belly is hurting and he's wondering whatever he could have possibly eaten that is making him feel so bad, while Kimiko and Diego enthuse about the upcoming baby, which will be such a big part of her married life, but Gwen is still reminiscing about Haleigh and is ready to go work again tomorrow and finish what she's started.

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