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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 26 (The Basement) is the 26th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Gwen cuts the corners of Haleigh's case by finally getting a confession out of her and arresting her, while both Kimiko's and Diego's bellies keep on growing. This confuses Diego largely, however, he's a bit happier now that he can sleep in his little lair underground, as the basement has been decorated to suit him.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

Diego now has his very own basement area which he can make his little scientist lair. He has filled it with machinery and all needed for a home lab. His room is now Kimiko and Alfonso's upcoming baby's nursery, with crib and all, which the two put a lot of love into decorating.

Though Diego is still feeling strange at the belly, it's Friday night and Kimiko decides to head out on her own, into the town, checking out some stores, like a music store and a clothing store. But back at home, Kimiko and Alfonso woo-hoo. Diego goes to sleep in his new basement, but he's feeling more and more unconfortable, having hunger strikes and bladder attacks. Luckily, that gives him an excuse to bake some bagels and distract himself, but it sees that he has awaken the whole household since they're all wide awake now, despite it being 6 in the morning. Kimiko is almost getting to her 2nd trimester but that is not draining her energy at all, it seems.

Speaking of energy, Gwen is ready to head to the D.P, and confront Haleigh yet again, this time hopefully arresting her for sure. She takes her back into the familiar interrogation room and question her, finally getting a confession from her, way more easily. Haleigh is finally sent behind the bars, much to Gwen's discontentment, but at least the case has closed, and that should please Chief Cooper. In fact she heads up to him to see what he has to say, but he obviously isn't satisfied and shrugs her off with sass. She isn't happy and kicks Kai off his desk to get another case assignment.

Case started! There are some accumulated clues which tell her that whoever's guilty of whatever, that she has to bring over, is an evil woman. She does spy Haleigh's victim, Vivian, returning to the reception, possibly for a thanks, and in the process notices that Kai has started to flirt with Haleigh from the other sides of the bars, and Haleigh seems to be into it. But it's all a facade, since she then shrugs him off, Gwen is the only one for her heart, even though she won't admit it.

Gwen decides to work out for a bit, but then she sees Bella at the reception, and tries to kiss her, but Bella is so sad that she runs away. She does want to do it, but not in Gwen's workplace. But Gwen is gathering the clues, for her next case. Too bad her shift just ended so she must get home.

At the house, Kimiko has hit her third trimester, and her belly is huge, as is Diego's, who's mega confused with this sudden weight gain and is really lost in comprehension, not knowing what the heck is going on with his system.

Retail Lots Showcased Edit

  • Unnamed Music Store - by uuunochaa
  • Unnamed Clothing Shop - by ryan-iliffe

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