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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 27
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 24 (Indecent Exposure) is the 24th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When a casual nightout turns into an avalanche of drama, Diego accidently gives the impression he going to propose to J, who violently refuses, hurting Diego, and the two break up on the spot, leaving space for a new couple, as Gwen and Bella become closer when Gwen finally convinces her "lover" to divorce Mortimer and the two get engaged. On the other hand, Kimiko's belly is popping, as seems to be her wedding, when she sees Alfonso flirting with someone else and looses her cool.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's a Saturday, which means its weekend for the household, and Gwen has had extensions on her hair and it's styled in a glamourous look, since she had plans of wooing Bella at a club tonight, and Diego's confusion and disonfort grows as he's not getting what's happening to his body, his belly keeps glowing and growing and he's not sure why. On the other hand, Kimiko is so ready to have her baby that she's ready to hit the club too.

However, J has come over for a visit, to make Diego feel better, and he arrives to his arms, while Gwen paints the happy couple, a picture of Alfonso feeling the baby. But J is feeling almost worse than Diego and is really tense and angry, so Diego decides to take him for a nice woo-hoo. However, it seems that he is missunderstood, when he gets on his knees accidently, because J thinks Diego is proposing and, since he's such a non-commital guy, he rejects it quite violently, which confuses Diego. He is willing to explain everything to him, but he realizes that no, if J is just going to reject his proposal, even if accidental, it means that it is not meant to be and he breaks up with him on the spot. He's hurt and heartbroken though and is feeling worse than before J's visit, as is to expect. Gwen is not happy and, in typical Gwen fashion, messes up with him, expelling him from the house.

Strangely enough, Diego has a breakthough and realizes there should be away he could change what's inside of J but not what's outside: a cloning machine. But it's all fresh in his mind and it doesn't help he's completely embarrassed and heart-broken so Gwen sees the perfect timing to head out into a fancy club: the Purple Rain, and possibly cheer up Diego, hook him up with someone, who knows.

At the Purple Rain, a buffet has been set up, and Diego goes eat his feelings and stuff his face with sausage, especially since he has ran into Caden, from work, who's still feeling the effects of the last freezing spree, and Gwen found Bella just as she needed, and is ready to start playing, specially she's feeling really sad again, probably Mortimer. Caden is being silly and decides to go swimming, fully clothed, obviously risking an hypothermia, and Diego is starting to feel better.

Gwen and Bella are getting closer, flirting and enjoying their time at the club, that is popping for once, while Diego is still heartbroken and decides to maybe get a bit juiced , drinking punch all night long. Back to the happy ladies, Gwen finally asks her to be her girlfriend, which Bella sais yes, despite still being in a relationship with Mortimer. Gwen may have had too much to drink since she is taking all the risks, kisses her a bunch and eventually she is finally able to convince Bella to leave Mortimer for good. One step closer to marrying her and then killing her off to get her money, just like she planned. In fact, she proposes on the spot and the two get engaged.

However, everyone is mega exhausted and they just need their beds desperatly so they head back home, where Gwen discovers that Kimiko is mega mad at Alfonso because apparently he was flirting with someone else at the Purple Rain, which cannot be good for the preganancy, which is closer than ever. She sadly looks at the happy painting of the two together earlier that day. Diego is also still feeling very heart broken, Kimiko even takes a vacation day just to cool off the next day and, who knows, maybe even give birth to her so awaited baby.

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