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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 28 (Precious) is the 28th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

The night was heated but they all rested well, however, Kimiko seems to have not a spare, when her waters break and, when she attempts to relax after Alfonso's little slip, she goes into labour and has to be taken to the hospital. There, she finally gives birth to a precious baby girl, who she calls Precious. When they get home, Diego is the most excited to see the baby, and seeing Precious makes him put all the pieces together and realize that the reason why his body's been suffering strange metamorphosis: he's been impregnated when he was abducted by aliens!

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's Sunday morning and Diego's belly doesn't stop growing and glowing, but at least he's started to get over J's breakup. On the other hand, Kimiko is still pretty angry with Alfoso due to his semi-cheat the previous night, at the Purple Rain. But she has other things to worry about when, during breakfast, her waters break: the baby is ready to come to life! She pees in the middle of the kitchen and gets more uncomfortable than she was already, really mad.

In order to relax before the baby, Kimiko decides to just visit one of the nearby spa, so she could get a nice massage to calm down. Once she's there she meditates for a bit and then gets herself ready to receive a nice foot massage, but urgancy calls when she actually goes into labour. She's ready to give birth, but instead she picks up one of the free drinks and sits her butt down on a massage chair, next to Kai who's also there, and tries to get her feet treateds, but all the employers seem to be a bit skeptical, seeing she is ing labour, so she gives up gets herself going to the hospital she actually works on to the deliver the baby.

Alfonso meets her at the hospital, where she's still in her spa apparel, where she is received by Doctor Royce and Britany, the ghost nurse, and she's escorted to the surgery table where Royce starts performing his regular baby delivery proceedure, that Kimiko will one day learn to do too. Alfonso is stressed, so much that he runs around the hospital in panic. But at least he's able to take a beautiful photograph of the baby being born, in their first seconds of life. That is, if the ghost Britany didn't photobomb (she really wants to be part of the family). But the baby is a girl and she is to be called Precious, Precious Kurosawa.

The couple comes home with the baby to find Gwen talking to Bun Bun, very violently for no reason, but they don't make much of it and go show the baby to Diego, who's loving the little baby. But he has an epiphany. He realizes that all his symptoms with his belly and all the feeling's is had can only be indicative of something and seeing Precious made the pieces of the puzzle all fit together: he's preganant. He must've been impregnated during his alien abduction and is part of some kind of alien reproduction plan and is about to give birth to an alien. The regular person would be worried and freak out, but Diego takes it differently, he's willing to raise the alien baby and treat it like the kid he is, no matter what. And if J doesn't want to raise them with him, well too bad, he's actually really excited.

Notes Edit

Milestones Edit

  • Precious is born.
  • Diego realizes he's pregnant.

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