Carving Pumpkins!
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 29
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 29 (Carvin Pumpkins!) is the 29th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

When Halloween is approaching and Gwen decides that her wedding with Bella should take place at Halloween, to correlate with Gwen's plans of murdering her to get her fortune, the gang goes to a spooky lounge where Kimiko gets to know Haleigh, who has secretly broken out of prison, Diego has fun carving pumpkins and getting back at J, and Gwen pampers her girlfriend and fights Mortimer, the usual.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

Bursting Out

Diego's belly is at its limits and the baby is coming out soon.

Halloween is approaching and Gwen realizes that Bella and her are getting married on the actual day of Halloween. This gives her an idea: the wedding could be spooky themed and be a costume party incorporated with a wedding, and Bella would definetly be on board with that, seeing she's really into the Goth scene.

But for now, it's Sunday and Alfonso has to clean all the mess Kimiko made on the kitchen when her waters broke, while Kimiko goes take care o Precious, feeding her and playing with her. Meanwhile, Diego is trying to brainstorm an idea. Gwen sees Bella passing by, sad like always, and starts planning mischievious ways she can torment Bella after the wedding, wether she'll keep her imprisoned in the basement and make her the house's servant, making her also kind of a lab rat for Diego, building his things and being tested on, or just kill her completely and stay with the fortune.

But she goes and try to cheer up Bella, while Diego starts having some cravings and goes craft some pistaccio icecream and Kimiko continues having the time of her life with her baby, before heading down to the basement to do some testing and develop her skills. But she can't help notice Bella is so miserable, possible due to the divorce, and neither can Gwen who invites her to a good woo hoo session, as Diego submits to his pregger cravings.

But once night started falling, the household figures they could get into the Halloween season and go enjoy a good spook at a haunted-themed lounge for a difference. Obviously, Gwen brings Bella, but they were not expecting to run into Mortimer, and Diego runs into J too, so the mood is definetly a bit tense, but Haleigh's there too, who apparently has ran away from prison and is trying to go unnoticed with a silly weiner hat, but Gwen recognizes her just fine and isn't going to tattle tale anyways, and since she's the only one who really knows of Haleigh's little secret, she'll live. If only Mortimer wasn't there, but Gwen makes the best of the thing and even jokes with it, making out big time with Bella right to his face, but Mortimer runs away pretending nothing is happening. However, Alfonso seems quite fond of what he's seeing.

Scary Candy

Alfonso after being jumpscared by the candy bowl.

But his attention goes right at the candy bowl, while Diego distracts himself with a pumkin carving table. He decides to get artistic and make a cock-eyed pumkin, really cute. Meanwhile, the rest join in on the candy picking. But once he's done, he has some unfinished bussiness with J that he wants to deal with and so he approaches him and yells at him, very salty. But he decides he needs to chill, for the baby's sake, and make more pumpkins, while Kimiko and Haleigh are hitting it down on the dancefloor, even Bella and Mortimer seem suspicious close to one another in the crowd, and that doesn't go well with Gwen who throws a drink right at Mortimer's moustached face, ending in an actual fight, where Gwen comes out victorious, making Mortimer run in fear, and also Bella apperently, who she later finds in the bathrooms, and kisses suavely.

Alfonso has fallen asleep with J in a couch and Kimiko is getting really well with Haleigh, and even Diego has finished up his pumpkins, and goes wake J up just for fun, though he seems to still have feelings for him, mixed feelings of love and hate. But once he's home, he displays his two sweet little pumpkins on the enterance, simbolizing the beginning of the holiday season and a new beggining for him and even Gwen, whose wedding is coming soon. Hopefully, Gwen will not smash the whole thing up, the pumpkins that is.

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