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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 30 (Family Photos) is the 30th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

Diego has a busy day at work, where he reconnects with his pals at work after the weekend and upgrades DA BOOTY 2000 to DA BOOTY 4000, adding the power of mind control. He also constructs a handy dandy machine that will one day be able to clone everything. But once he's at home, he feels ready to have the baby, now in a house that's full of photos that Kimiko and Alfonso so selflessly hanged on the walls.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

The weekend is over so it's work for Diego, since the girls are only going to work in two days. But the household is wide awake, and poor Precious needs to be fed, so Kimiko goes ahead an give her love, as does Alfonso, and Kimiko even snaps a few shots of the these father-daughter moments. In fact, the two print these photos and start displaying them here and there around the house, as well as someothers, like selfies, Britany's photobomb, etc.

Meanwhile, Diego's just had an eureka moment, where he came up with a formula for a serum that will make people thinner, the Slimify Serum, which he could definetly use, seeing his belly is gigantic. But he has to head to the SimsLabs, so maybe he will be able to craft the serum, and maybe even the cloning machine he had made blueprints for before.

In the labs, he gets right to work, trusting his buddy Laurie on giving him the crystals and metals he need, like usual, giving her a candy as a treat. However, she doesn't quite give him the one he needed, a common one, so he gives her a tainted serum instead. He notices that Joel is still blue from the freeze ray, and asks him for a common crystal, which he is able to offer. for once. The reason he needed this was to upgrade DA BOOTY 2000, now DA BOOTY 3000, giving it the ability to switch people's clothes if activated, via mind control. In the I.C., he upgrates it and then tests it on dear Laurie, who has a rocking swimsuit. He goes use the now fixed toilet, and then he goes get some veggies from the greenhouse, and then clone them to use them on the Slimify Serum. Genius! But first, he need to construct the machine, and with the I.C.'s aid, he's able to do quite fast. A beautifull useful machine is created, but since the I.C. is on a roll he upgrades DA BOOTY 3000 to 4000 again, now with more mind controlling powers, which could come in handy once Bella becomes the household servant.

Back at home, Kimiko and Alfonso woo hoo, while Diego is feeling ready to have that baby, feeling like he could go into labour any minute now, bursting from his belly.

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