House Call
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 33
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 33 (House Call) is the 33th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

At the hospital, when Kimiko gets her first ever house call, she's faced by an interesting case named Bill, a patient that insists on getting sick and, despite being cured by Kimiko at the clinic, he's also part of the sick family Kimiko has to assist, revealing that his constant illness state is due to his favourite activity: rummaging through trash.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's early on a Wednesday and Kimiko is studying on Diego's little lab, while the latter bakes like usual and Gwen is with Haleigh, getting her acquainted with the house after finally getting married to her. However, Kimiko has work to do and she decides to head to the hospital, only to find a full house of patients, which means she has a long day before her, especially since her co-workers just idle all day.

She immedietly heads on to treat some of the patients, starting up with Bill Christopher. She takes him for an X-ray, and continues to analyze him, as the hospital gradually receives more patients, prooving that life as a doctor is no easy deed. And to back this up, Kimiko is called for her first house call, that is, she must treat a patient that's actually cannot leave the house. She promises to go as soon as she's done with Bill. However, she's ectastic with these news and kinda rushes the entire process, taking a diagnosis before even finishing the analysis, judging on Bill's weird body rashes that he must have the Llama Flu, which turns out to be correct. She cures him with a shot and leaves to fullfill the housecall, as she watches Bill leave too.

She comes this big house to find two ladies who are sick, Genevieve McGowan and Nyla Jennings, so she goes up to one of them and analysis her with her portable apparati. When she heads to cure the other lady, she's shocked to find that there is another patient in need to be cured, none other than Bill himself, the patient she had just cured back at the clinic. Apparently, he got sick again on his way back. She's confused to why, but she has duty to do and she needs to cure the two ladies, having medicine prepared for them. However, she still sees Bill suspiciously wonder into the backyard where he almost dives into a trash bin, rummaging through the litter. No wonder he's getting sick so often.

Curing the patients with the medicines, despite the fact that they are making the job hard by running around everywhere like crazy, prooves to be an easy task, even with Bill, who seems to be ever-sick. She's back at the hospital in no time, where she finds that the hospital has yet another ghost doctor, Jordyn Frost. But she as no time to loose, and she jumps head first into her work. As she cures good old Misael, she remembers that Haleigh had told her about an ex-boyfriend she had, who turns out to be Kai, and she apparently still loves him a bit, despite hating him just as much. But she carries on with her job, helping the two Buckleys out, Lacie and Misael.

Back at home, Gwen reveals she has been promoted to a sergeant, which means exciting news for her.

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