Slapped Silly
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 5
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 5 (Slapped Silly) is the 5th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

It's Diego's time to shine, as he heads into the FutureSim Labs and starts his work day with new friendships and inventions, with some misfortune and space for learning regarding serums. However, he's really invested in his science career, and spends the night outside doing his own thing, while Kimiko bonds with her co-worker Alfonso and Gwen starts her mischief legacy by tormenting one of Diego's fellow scientist, Dr. Misael.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

It's Wednesday early in the morning, and Gwen and Diego have breakfast together: the delicious brownies from before. Kimiko wakes uo early, even though she's not going to work in a while, and decides to socialize with Gwen and Diego, who she hasn't been with too too much due to her new job.

As he prepares for a day in the labs, Diego has a very inspiring shower, which gives him his second breakthrough: an idea for a syntheithic food serum. However, he is kind of anxious about his job, worried he will not have any kind of promotion today.

He sets off to the FutureSim Labs, his workplace, where he immedietly starts to invent the Momentum Conserver he thought off days prior, meeting the Invention Contructor (I.C.), who is destined to be his loyal companion for a long time. The two work together to build the invention and when it's finished Diego is really proud of it.

In order to begin his work schedule, he approaches his fellow Lab Technician, Laurie McGraw, and asks her for a crystal, which she kindly offers, as well as a metal. Diego is really suprised with her kindness and chats with her for a bit, then switching over to the I.C. However, Laurie really had him suprised so he also praises her work ethic and talks about the job, socializing with her, even gossiping about the labs' possible romances, soon becoming besties. He tests some of the invations on the campus and continues his job on harvesting some plants in the greenhouse, for his food serum.

In the chemistry lab, he starts producing his, but it turns out rather failed, when the whole experiment blows up in his face, breaking the lab table with it, which he obviously tries to fix, but brushes it off and heads into another lab, as if nothing happened. In said lab, he starts a new serum, but it fails again, since it turns out tainted. But sacrifices have to be made so he tests it, ingesting it, backfiring, since his hunger gets lower instead. However, the third time's a charm and he finally seems to complete a good serum.

The day is over and Diego receives the news that he has been promoted to a Apprentice Inventor, calming his anxiousness. Happily, he heads home and finally tests his serum, but feels nothing actully. However, the afternoon is beautiful so he decides to take his equipment outside and work there, testing fruits and what not, while Kimiko decides to invite over her co-worker Alfonso and Gwen is in the mood of screwing stuff up, so she leaves the house and decides she'll annoy the first person she meets.

The poor victim is Misael Buckley, who just happens to be one of Diego's co-workers, and starts immedietly insulting him and arguing over nothing, as Alfonso walks by, to meet Kimiko, and the two talk in the living room. As Diego develops a new plant recepy, Gwen is having fun torturing Misael and decides to play a prank on the two guys, with Kimikos help, and she asks her to pretend as if she is slapping her. However, when Kimiko actually slaps her, Gwen does enjoy it and they have a good laugh.

Diego has decided to start a new collection, an element collection, and Gwen decides to stop bugging Misael and set him free and start doing some painting of herself. In the living room, Kimiko and Alfonso are getting along really well, and now she also has a new bestie at work, like Alfonso and Laurie. But sadly, night has fallen and Alfonso must leave and have some sleep at his home, as does Diego who's been working outside all night, thinking of a new invention: a SimRay.

While everyone is asleep, Kimiko continues her quest to find collectibles, heading around the canyons of Oasis Springs catching stones, frogs and capsules. She comes home loaded with items, like a brand new MySim figure, even though no new eggs were found, and calls it a day, heading to her bed.

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