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Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 6
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 6 (Work It) is the 6th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

Summary Edit

After a tiresome session of photo snapping and posing with Diego, Gwen is fresh to head into another day of being a police, with plans of playing bad cop and do anarchy instead of authority. However, she's faced with the delinquent Kai, who turns out to be an actual co-worker of hers and an aspiring detective too. Kai is nothing short of agressive, which Gwen isn't taking, so she show him what she's made of and the two become nemesis.

Sims Edit

Plot Edit

Gwen wakes up in a bossy mood and prepares herself for work, demanding that bored Diego, who's been researching the previous night, takes a good photo of her striking a hot pose, however, she keeps doing a rather silly pose instead, so Diego just gets the job done once and for all and leaves to watch some TV. But Gwen isn't done. She wants more photos, so Diego takes an awfull lot of other better poses. Luckily, she then spares him after a torture of photo snapping and he's free to watch TV.

Gwen heads to the station where she has her breakfast, since the photos took all her time, while analysing some clues that indicate who's the person she needs to arrest, according to her most recent case. After she's done, she goes on patrol, looking forward to be the mischevious cop she always dreamt to be, not so much the good kind of authority.

She heads to the streets, which are quiet and calm, that is until she meets Kai Neves, a guy who seems to be really angry for some reason. She tries to calm him down so he doesn't do anything he might regret, but makes the matters worst when Kai is really not satisfied. However, things get really heated when he starts getting physical, offending Gwen and trowing a drink to her face, which she is not taking it. She tries issueing him a citation, ready to use the perks of being a childish mischievous person in an authority charge, but is shoked to find that Kai is actually a fellow police and works with her at the station. Gwen looses it when she hears that, and fights him to the ground, winning. However, it leaves a mark on both of them, since they become total nemesis.

However, her patrol is over and the only person littering or fighting was herself, so she didn't get to give anyone a citation or arrest anyone, since none of the people filled all the descriptions, even though during her patrol she did spy an enormous influx of people in a bad mood, furious and angry. Back at the office, she's starting to learn about everything here and there, but when entering the actual building, she's suprised to find that it's completely deserted and everyone has vanished. She doesn't make too much from it and goes make her first All Points Bulletin, to find the suspected she's required to catch. Looking around the Magnolia Blossom Park, she doesn't find anyone right away, in fact, the only person she finds at first is none other than Kai, who's suprisingly not suprisingly littering the park, knocking the bins over, like a police office definetly wouldn't do. However, due to his authority, Gwen cannot give him a citation still and chooses to ignore him.

But it isn't over for her when, devided between two ladies who fit the description perfectly, she also finds Mortimer, who looks as if he's about to die. But she is required to get to know either of the two woman to see which one fits the description more, so he ignores his antics. The first lady, Brooklynn Elliott, turns out to not fit the description after all, so she switches to the other suspect, Cheryl Orr, requesting information from another local, Genevieve McGowan who seems to be her friend, who indicates she has gone the opposite way. However, Gwen still questions Cheryl, learning that she was actually an art lover, the other decriptive clue, proving that not only she's the criminal but that Genevieve was lying.

When she puts her under arrest, with her handcuffs, Gwen takes Cheryl to the office, where everyone is back and takes makes the proceeders of an arrest, taking fingerprints, mugshot and eventually putting her in. She goes to the chief who continues to be a jerk, and then goes back home, with a promotion to Officer.

Back at home she can finally rest from all the work and photo posing, ready for the night that is ahead of them, wondering which plans the household will come up with to have fun.

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