Trouble In Paradise
Season Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work, Episode 9
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Let's Play The Sims 4: Get to Work - Part 9 (Trouble In Paradise) is the 9th Part of the Get to Work Let's Play.

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Gwen heads to a day of work but stumbles into none other than Kai, who starts comflict again, but she doesn't have time for that, since now she's more determined than ever to get promoted and possibly steal his job, so she heads out trying to solve her case. What she finds is something different, as she runs into Bella, who confesses that her marriage with Mortimer has seen better days, and Misael, who is causing havock on the streets with fellow sassy lady Toni, who fights Gwen when she's given a citation. At night, Diego goes out with J and arranges a romantic rande-vouz with him at the house.

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Gwen is getting ready to go to work, as is Diego, though a different kind of work since he decides to invite J over, so the two can mingle and get to know each other more.

However, Gwen is off to work where she receives her first case assignement, but, to her dismay, she stumbles across none other than Kai, so she goes up to him and just casually slamps him, in plain office, braging to her and letting her know that now her drive to rise up in her job is to steal his own spot at the office, since he turns out to be a higher-up than her. However, Gwen looses it and fights him on the spot, again, as the co-workers watch and are unimpressed with Kai's regular antics. Luckily, since the group of officers have left their computer to watch the fight, there are a bunch of free desks, so she takes advantage of that and gets her case ready.

However, the case she sees is different, when she spots Bella and Mortimer all up in the Police Station again, on the recepcion, so she approaches Bella to bond with her for a while and get closer to her, however, Bella is not in a good mood and is furious, which leads Gwen to theorise that soemthing might not be going too well on their relationship. Gwen questions Bella and all she does is point to Mortimer with a distressed face, all the proof Gwen needs. Additionally, she also asks for more security in the streets as she claims that last time she was having a walk, everybody was in a bad mood and someone almost tried to beat her up, something Gwen is so familiar with from her last patrol, and she puts her bets that Kai was the one to try to beat Bella up, and plans revenge.

But duty calls, so she goes ahead and sets her case map, travelling to her first crime scene, only to find Bella and Mortimer again, in a house that is a mess, completely vandalized with graffity and litter everywhere. She spots Bella suspiciously laughing near a knocked over litter bin, but Gwen ignores it, asking for her report, which isn't too too revealing either. She switches up to Mortimer, whose report is way more satisfying, and then analyzes a sabotaged TV, indignated that she's the only cop on the crime scene working, as the others read, no wonder Bella has complained about the security.

Gwen ditches the scene, but only after witnessing another argument between the "happily" married Goth couple. At the office she starts to analyze the data and adds all the new clues to the crime map, which offers a discription of the culprit that is strangely similar to Bella, with her young age and black hair. But she ignores it for Bella's sake again and goes out on petrol

Out and about in the neighbourhoods, on her second petrol ever, she has her second feisty encounter ever, when she meets with Misael, the scientist at Diego's work place, once again and he is not pleased to see the woman that downright tormented him some days before. However, she witnesses a young lady with black her storming through them and decides to follow her, but is distracted when right in front of her, Misael has started a fight with Toni Langley, a random local. She tries issuing a citation to both, but apparently Toni is not having it, starting a fight with her for revenge, which only gains her another citation. Seeing a distraction, Misael tries to escapem but fails and gets a citation too.

Back at the house, Diego decides to go out with J for a while, exploring some shops , including a really cool shop that focuses on both eletronics and male underwear, where the two find Bella yet again, obviously she's really angry. Diego gets to flirting with J, which is actually reciprocal, but finds he's non-commital to many things, which might be an obstacle to overcome. They head back home, though, where Diego tries to charm J with some romantic environment, dancing to sweet tunes and enjoying the classic brownies, though J seems to be more focused on Diego's butt. The two flirt and become friends, however Diego is exhausted.

Retail Lots Showcased Edit

  • Unnamed Underwear-Eletronics Shop - by thearch129